Doula Concierge Service

Doula Concierge service

The New York Doula Concierge- delivering the birth you want!


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      benefits of hiring a doula concierge

Whether you choose a professional doula or an executive doula, we want you to know that our agency is unique because ALL doulas are:

  • Certified (as a doula and in CPR) and hand picked by Steph for their commitment to clients and are providing top of the line care
  • Trained in breastfeeding support
  • Advocates of true unconditional, non-judgemental, and compassion support & accompaniment
  • Willing to talk with every client, understand their unique needs, and go through the personal matching process
  • Working independently in the field for 1+ years
  • Able to share their stellar past reviews
  • Viewing themselves as part of a real professional team, interacting with one another, and not JUST a part of a “doula-referral” agency
  • Committed to attending monthly doula-trainings
  • Working on the same excellent level of care: It doesn’t matter how many births a doula has attended but what DOES matter is what they are trained in: breath work and other soothing techniques for every phase of labor, positioning and comfort measures for natural birth AND epidural birth, professional mediation and communication between the birth team and the parents themselves

Why should I hire my doula through an agency?

We want to make sure you have a reliable doula. When you hire one of our birth or postpartum doulas, you can be assured that she is doula-certified and CPR trained. Plus all our doulas attend ongoing trainings with the doula-concierge.

  • New doulas often are not full-time doulas. They have to have a day job since the low-cost doula pay won’t cover living in NYC.
  • We’ve heard of many scenarios where a doula was suddenly not available due to demands or travelling for another job. Reliability is a high priority in our agency and we make sure your doula is available for you. With the New York Doula Concierge you get to have added safety in the background.
  • A doula who doesn’t have a team around her can’t make sure that she’ll have a solid back-up when she’d be at another birth or sick. With the New York Doula Concierge you can be assured that a whole team would be available if your doula would not be able to be there.


1) Send an email to to inquire for our packages
2) Choose your package and tier
3) Set up a phone conversation with us
4) Meet with two or three doulas
5) Choose your doula and sign a contract with us
6) Lean back, relax and know you are in great hands

Meet our doulas here.

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doula birth services

  • doula or midwife helping expecting parents with birthing excercises Help with search for doctor or midwife for delivery care and hospital
  • Create a birth plan: what ideas and wishes do I/we have for the birth of our child? How do we make that happen?
  • Advice and education during pregnancy (i.e. nutrition), help to ease pregnancy discomfort
  • Preparing for labor with breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Special relaxation techniques for moms or dads with anxiety
  • Private and group childbirth classes
  • Referrals as needed- from specialists for your pregnancy to financial advisors for your new phase of your life
  • Demonstration of massage techniques and other pain relief measures
  • Explanations of medical terms, procedures and interventions
  • Support during your birth– often at home first, then at the hospital or birthing center. Help with breathing techniques, easing the pain with great positions, massage, supporting your partner, explaining procedures, nurturing you, helping you to advocate for yourself when you are uncomfortable with procedures
  • parents with thier newborn babyIf you are planning on an (early) epidural: help with deciding when it’s a good time to request one, help with movement and good positioning when having an epidural to avoid later interventions
  • Help with (breast or bottle) feeding and taking care of your baby, cord care, newborn development, weight gain of your baby, information to avoid SIDS
  • Help when problems during breastfeeding arise
  • Support on emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, support in day and night rhythm, nutrition



A postpartum doula is an expert for after birth. She is your best friend, mother, sister, new mom expert, breastfeeding and baby specialist at once!

While you might have prepared for labor and birth now you are coming back home and suddenly your OB or midwife is not the person to talk to anymore but your pediatrician! But wait, your pediatrician is only there for medical questions, handling of jaundice and whether your baby has all reflexes.

So who will answer these questions:

  • We are SO happy but don’t get anything else done than taking care of our baby. We need help!
  • My baby just took the breast but it hurt me, help!
  • My baby just fell asleep on the breast, what can I do?
  • I feel like crying all the time, is this normal?
  • I can’t put my baby into the crib or he will start crying, what can I do?
  • My breast hurts!
  • My partner is not sure how to help me.
  • Nobody has time to do grocery shopping, let alone prepare a meal. How can I make sure I get all the nutrients I need?
  • I don’t know how to change a diaper.
  • I don’t know if all these movements and sounds my baby makes are normal.
  • I don’t know if I have everything I need to take care of my baby
  • My pediatrician said my baby is not gaining enough weight
  • I am not sure if I have enough milk?
  • We are SO tired and need help.

Your postpartum doula will be there for all these issues and more! With a NY Doula postpartum doula by your side

      • doula or midwife helping expecting father change a diaperyou will learn how to make sure your baby is latched on correctly if you are breastfeeding
      • you will learn how to avoid sore nipples and infections if you are breastfeeding
      • you will learn how to bottle feed if you are not breastfeeding
      • you will learn how to treat the cord
      • you will learn what changes to expect in your baby
      • you will learn how to take care of yourself after birth
      • you will learn how your partner can be super-helpful
      • you will learn what to do when your baby has jaundice
      • you will learn how to have the best recovery from vaginal birth or a c-section
      • you will learn what body changes to expect after birth
      • you will have your doula to cook for you
      • you will learn what to eat during the postpartum phase
      • your doula will do some light housekeeping
      • you will have someone to take care of older siblings
      • you can call or text your doula with questions
      • you will learn how to notice signs of postpartum depression
      • you will have a far less likelihood to develop postpartum depression
      • you have a wonderful resource if you need a referral to a specialist
      • you will be part of our NYDoula-Facebook group for support

No matter what your plan for the postpartum weeks is, we are here for you! Contact Stephanie at for rates and packages!



newborn baby breastfeeding“To have Nicole as my doula was absolutely priceless. I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Nicole during my first pregnancy. Not only is she super knowledgeable in her craft, but she is a soothing massage therapist that helped work wonders through my contractions. My intention was to have a drug free birth. Thanks to Nicole for guiding myself and my husband through labor and delivery, my goal was achieved. I could not have done it without her guidance, patience, support, strength, and calming effect. I could not recommend her enough!”


Erica about her doula Meredith:

Our baby boy Jazz is perfect. He’s happy and healthy! Our birth experience was amazing… and went as well as it possibly could. Our doula Meredith was a life saver. Between her and my husband, I had a rock solid suport system. We are both so grateful for her perfect balance of verbal encouragement, physical support and flow of helpful advice and information. She truly is a gem – her presence was priceless. Plus, we made a new friend!
Thank you for connecting us with her. We are so happy we went through The New York Doula. 🙂
Much love!
Erica, Patrick and Baby Jazz

Other Services

Utilizing my vast network of best-in-class providers, I can refer a broad range of services for new and expectant parents. From planning your baby shower and sending out birth announcements to helping you find the perfect Nanny, Reiki massage practitioner or placenta encapsulation service.  Just ask me for what you need!