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34 S.T.

Student birth-doula
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person Brooklyn, Manhattan 1 year

I was born and raised in Queens/Long Island, now back in Queens and working full-time as a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital. Pregnancy and childbirth started out for me as a fascination, then a passion, then a calling. I am becoming a doula particularly because I want to expand the concept of holistic maternal care to families who generally do not know about, let alone receive, those kinds of services. As a child of immigrants (my parents are from India), I am especially passionate about advocating for women of color, and I firmly believe that everyone — regardless of race or ethnicity — deserves an advocate during birth, not just those who can afford it. My general approach to client care is very warm and friendly and always with an open ear. I should hopefully receive my doula certification by the end of this year, and I plan to go back to school and become a midwife within the next five years or so. When I’m not working on my doula certification or working in the hospital, I’m usually exploring the Queens/NYC food scene or watching reruns of The Office. 🙂


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