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34 A.C.

Birth Doula | Postpartum Doula
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In Person, Virtual Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens 1 year

A. became a doula out of her desire to serve those experiencing labor well. She is an expert in creating a safe and empowering atmosphere environment during the birth expertise. She bring joy, information, and comfort to each birth experience. Having a passion to help all women of color- especially black women- she wants to make sure ALL people in labor have a healthy and empowering childbirth experience. She includes the birth partner as much as they would like to and creates a wonderful birth team. With resources, support, and training she has successfully guided families to make critical decisions for what’s best for their needs in unplanned situations. A. has a combined 1,000 hours of experience in rendering childbirth education, birth, and postpartum support.  Trained with CAPPA, she specializes in guidance for critical decision-making and holistic comfort measures. She also holds a certification in Comforting Touch. Comforting Touch,LLC. is a master massage class which covers physical support and relaxation during labor. With this training she provides massage techniques and counter pressure to help bring comfort in labor.

A. was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and works in all areas of NYC.


“I am so grateful to have had Amber with us. Giving Birth—it turns out—can be extremely exhausting for the man as well! I would not have been able to support my wife the way I did if it were not for Amber supporting me. From the initial planning and advice, to handling practical matters of food and reminding us to rest, to being a constant source of encouragement and vital information. Amber made it possible for me to be there for my wife the way I hoped I would be. I appreciate that Amber enabled me to be the lead support while never leaving my wife’s side either. She knew when to handle the background work and when to step in. For that we are extremely grateful”-Jonathan Alvarado

“I loved having Amber Churn to be my doula. She has been a continuous source of comfort, encouragement, and support from the first time we met and during my labor. She served as a soothing voice making my labor experience less scary and more comfortable.”-Amy Fields



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