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47 B.O.

Birth Doula | Postpartum Doula
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In Person, Virtual Manhattan, New Jersey 1 year

B. is a certified full-spectrum doula, mom of two and a public health professional with a passion for improving health outcomes for women. Despite a fulfilling career in public health research, when asked what she would do if money, time and ‘career’ weren’t a concern, the answer was easy: “I’d be a doula”. She views birth as a threshold, and loves guiding people through the physical and emotional preparation of becoming parents. B. has experienced pregnancy loss, birth (both medicated and unmedicated), and has volunteered as an abortion clinic escort and a Mikveh guide (ritual Jewish bath) for women marking transitions. A protector and supporter to the core, she has been supporting births since 2017, and completed full-spectrum doula certification from Doula Trainings International in 2020.
Her approach to pregnancy and birth includes: supporting birthing parent and partner each individually and as a family
unit, advocating and elevating your voice while creating a team atmosphere, supporting and honoring any and all birth choices and family structures, and approaching each client with a clean slate. B’s training and experience includes: mindfulness techniques, maternal movement for optimal fetal positioning, using a rebozo for labor support, childbirth education, fertility awareness, massage
and comforting touch for labor, and infant and pediatric CPR. She supports clients in Jersey City and
Hudson County, as well as select clients in NYC.


“We are very happy about B’s support! She has a very good sense of what we need, is always there to answer questions and her recommendations and life hacks are very helpful. We love her calm and kind spirit a lot and appreciate her flexibility in terms of scheduling. As first time parents, she makes us feel very comfortable as she is never judging our lack of baby experience and skills. Most importantly, she gives us a lot of confidence that we can do this. B’s support during the first weeks was a huge help and we are very happy to have her.”

Katharina, Summer 2021


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