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45 C.M.

Currently on maternity leave
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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Staten Island 2 years

I’m C., I’m 26 years old and as the name already states I am Brazilian. Brazilians are always seen as welcoming, warm and kind people, and those are the virtues I carry with me in my doula business.

Being the oldest of 3 girls, I have many memories of always wanting to help my mom with my little sisters.

​Fast forward a few years, I got married, moved to NYC and in the beginning of 2020 I unfortunately had a miscarriage, that made me want to learn more about the pregnancy and birth world. Coming across what a doula does, has opened doors for me on my healing process and I felt I found my calling.

​Assisting women in such a vulnerable time, has become my passion and mission in life. I have learned from the best and I am happy to say that the families I have worked with, so far also say I’m the best (their words not mine haha).

Actually, I like to say I’m a family doula because I always make sure the family remembers this experience in a very deep and meaningful way. Each person present has their reason to be present at that moment and will experience birth in different ways, so I’m happy to hold the space for everyone there to take in as much as they can from their experience and remember this magical moment forever.


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