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Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula
Service type Service area Experience
In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens 1 year

My name is Federica (but call me
Fede!). I am an Italian NYC based
Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga Teacher
and a Full Spectrum Doula. I was born
and raised in Milan but my dad is from
the beautiful southern island of Sicily
and my mom is from a little town
called Marina di Massa in Tuscany. I
have worked in fashion for many
years until I discovered Yoga and my
life changed. After a few years of
practice I decided to become a
teacher to help others live happier
and healthier lives. I am married to an
amazing French man with whom I
have two beautiful sons (Leon and
Sacha). Since my first son was born I
became really passionate about
pregnancy so I have been teaching
more and more prenatal classes.
Shortly after I decided to become a Full Spectrum Doula so that I could go above and beyond preparing
people’s bodies for birth. I provide emotional, physical and educational support during the full spectrum
of pregnancy. My Italian name means ‘someone that protects’ and my doula philosophy truly embodies
this role. I will protect you, your rights and your wishes.


Hello, I'm Stephanie!