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** years

22 M.D.

Currently on leave
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan 8 years

M. believes it is every mother’s right to choose the kind of birth she wants and to have an abundance of support throughout the entire journey of pregnancy.

As a Birth and Postpartum Doula she’s been honored to serve many families in New York City from varying backgrounds and household incomes. She honed her skills at the renowned Doula Trainings International and is also certified in infant and child CPR, as a Breastfeeding Counselor, as well as Mental Health First Aid. Her 15 years of experience running her own wellness company –where she worked as a Life Coach and Mentor– gives her a unique ability to care for her clients on a deeply personal level. She has a passion for cultivating empowered mothers and healthy babies through education, compassion, and nurturing.

When she’s not doula-ing, she’s doing yoga, going on adventures with her husband, dancing, and musing on life’s many mysteries.


M. is an absolutely incredible doula, and I am not exaggerating when I say she transformed our birth experience. We are so grateful that we found her! I am a physician and was on the fence about whether to hire a doula, and I am so glad that we chose to work with M. I can’t imagine having gone through my somewhat challenging labor and delivery without her. She is intuitive, kind, and professional, with a great sense of humor and overall vibe. She has an easy-going personality and is fun to be around. I cannot recommend her highly enough and would hire her again in a heartbeat. On the day of labor, M. was so supportive and helped both me and my husband relax and stay present. We had some stressful moments with the baby’s heart rate decelerating, and M. was able to manage the situation through coaching and repositioning my body – all without overstepping the boundaries of the medical team. She worked well with the medical team and had a great rapport with them, but also supported me in advocating for myself when the doctor put pressure on me to get a C-section. In the end, I was able to safely deliver vaginally, which was a priority for me – basically as a result of M.’s skillful coaching and encouragement. She supported my labor with her expertise, massage, and knowledge of positions. She has a healing touch and the right balance of being hands-on and giving space. She also provided me with a helpful guided meditation that got me through the most challenging part of labor. M. led the coaching alongside our nurse through the pushing stage and was so encouraging and helpful. Her practical tips really helped me to push more effectively, which was crucial to my delivery going smoothly. Her postpartum visit felt like a happy reunion, and she gave me some great advice for breastfeeding that helped me through a rough patch. If you are lucky enough that M. is available for your due date, I recommend you hire her without reservation! She was a real guardian angel for our family and such a stellar person to have as an advocate and coach.

Rachel, September 2021


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