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32 R.A.

Birth Doula | Experienced Lactation Counselor | Postpartum Doula
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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island 3 years

R. is a Certified Labor Doula through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA). She is a trained Community Lactation Educator, Certified Lactation Support Counselor and is training to become a childbirth educator.  She is a certified Integrative Lactation and Feeding Specialist through Manhattan Birth.

Her past experience includes VBAC, planned and unplanned cesarean birth, high-risk, unmedicated, epidural, inductions, supporting single parents and birth people with little to no support. She has training in mindful birthing and approaches each birth with a non-striving beginner’s mind, allowing clients to move through their birth process preparing them for all they may encounter without trying to force an outcome or result all while providing up-to-date evidence-based information. This training is well-suited to the unpredictability of birthing and speaks to the importance of being able to respond and pivot with calm stability. Additional training in Trans/LGBQ+ support and homebirth.

Having birthed her own child in Brooklyn, R. experienced and felt for herself the importance of continuous emotional and non-medical support during labor. This propelled her forward into a career path of wanting to share that same companionship with other birthing people. Birth is a journey that we shouldn’t have to walk alone. Her goal is to help ease you through this transformational time, demystifying the process. She is a 18-year-resident of Brooklyn and loves being a part of her Flatbush community. When not supporting families, R. enjoys drinking coffee and awkwardly writing in the 3rd person.


Hello, I'm Stephanie!