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56 V.T.

Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering live-in services | Offering overnight services
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens 9 years

  • Offering live-in services and overnights
  • 6 night minimum per week
  • Lives in Queens
  • You’d sign an agreement with her and send 1 week pay as down payment.

I am a warm, caring, friendly and hard working individual that has a natural love for babies. I always strive to undertake a given task to the best of my ability and it is with this attitude that has enabled me to be a competent and reliable Newborn Baby Nurse. Newborns are fragile, innocent beings that require constant attention and nurturing, they require a special touch and attitude to take care for them and I do believe that the skills I possess fulfill these unique criteria. Over the years as a Baby Nurse I have helped parents transition into their new role as parents by helping to implement feeding and sleeping schedules in addition to soothing techniques and also educate on infant development. My warm and friendly disposition also lends credence to my skills as a Newborn Baby Nurse. I travel with my clients.

My services provide general care of the newborn includes but not limited:

  • Provided supervision and constant care for the baby
  • Educated new mothers on taking care of their newborns.
  • Initiate eating and sleeping routine for newborn infants.
  • Log a daily record of feedings, sleep patterns and poops
  • Change clothes and diapers as needed
  • Prepare bottles of formula
  • Educate parents on bottle feeding support and newborn care essentials such as bathing, diapering, swaddling, calming, massaging and stimulating the baby
  • Provide lactation counseling to breast feeding mothers
  • Umbilical care and post circumcision care
  • Baby laundry, bottle sterilizing and cleaning
  • Ensure baby’s comfort at all time
  • Assist siblings in bonding with baby

Ensure the highest degree of wellness for mothers and infants.


Veneta is truly amazing! She taught us so much, and she was so loving toward our son (and me!). She helped keep me in check with my own recovery, reminding me not to overdo it, while also taking such good care of our son. We learned so much from her. For example- she recommended products that we would benefit from for taking care of the health and safety of our son; she showed us how to give a sponge bath (and supervised us the next time with feedback!); and she helped us learn about the storage of formula and breast milk. She also accompanied us on a visit to the pediatrician – our pediatrician loved her too and commended her on her questions. As Veneta got to know our family she did a wonderful job at determining where she could add value and truly went above and beyond.
Finally, I feel like the biggest compliment we could give is that we trusted her with our son. It was clear she had both the experience and the judgment to be an excellent caretaker. We are so grateful for her, and we would hire her again in a heartbeat.
Annie, August 2022

Veneta is very professional and “militant” in a good way about her approach. We love her no-nonsense style and she does a great job of handling the baby and making herself seem scarce in the apartment. I was initially wondering how this would work with us at home trying to be a couple and cook/ talk/connect but she does a good job of staying out of the way and connect at the same time which is a talent. She also offered to cook which we were very grateful about!

Samara, May 2021

I hired Veneta to support my daughter in her first two months as a new mom. I have no words for how magnificent and capable she is. She is endlessly patient and caring with the baby and has provided constant and loving support for my daughter. She taught all of us so many things, from how to bathe our little guy to how to swaddle him. She also helped us identify his tummy reflux and explained her observations in clear terms to the pediatrician. She also knew a variety of ways to address it. Veneta serves with a big, beautiful smile. And the baby just nestles into her and calms the minute she holds him. You will be so fortunate to have Veneta at your home for those precious and delicate early weeks.”

Emily, Red Hook NYC, spring 2023

Veneta was a great source of help, knowledge, and comfort during the first few weeks with our baby. She is respectful, kind, and supportive. Veneta shared many helpful suggestions when asked, and was reassuring throughout those early days. Veneta helped us to establish a strong schedule and routine for our daughter, which has proved immensely helpful as she grows. Veneta helped us to lay a strong foundation from our first day at home. We hope to work with her again one day!”

Samantha, Stamford CT, spring 2023

Veneta is wonderful. Very friendly, professional, and experienced. All of those qualities are hugely important when you’re counting on someone else looking after a newborn. And she’s great at teaching new parents (and rusty ones!) as well.”

Jordan, Denville NJ, May 2023

Excellent work ethic! Kind and caring personality. Takes care of your child as if it’s her own. I would hire Veneta again in a heart beat. Excellent advice from her own work experience. Always on time and ready to work. Can’t say enough amazing things about our experience.”

Jessica, Saddle Brook NJ, May 2023


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