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Ways to Establish a Positive Bond with Your Baby

The best way for a new mother to establish a positive bond with her newborn at home is breastfeeding so you have the physical connection. Also, the mother releases a lot of endorphins, happy hormones, during breastfeeding so moms are generally happier when they breastfeed.

Skin to skin contact for both partners can be beautiful, carrying the baby around and really making sure that you get to know the baby. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself and look at your baby.

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Key Ingredients in Baby Formula

All the ingredients in any kind of baby formula are required by the Food and Drug Administration. The important basic contents are protein – this is the base for the formula; fat – essential fatty acids; vitamins C, D, E, and K; magnesium; iron; copper; thiamin; niacin; calcium.

It is important to check what is in the formula in addition to these items. Check to see if there is something that you don’t want in there. For example, corn syrup can be a base for formula and if you don’t want that in there, make sure to check the label.

Some have added probiotics which can be helpful for babies when they’re very gassy or have never been breast-fed to help develop a little bit of intestinal flora.

It’s important to discuss with a lactation counselor or with a pediatrician which formula is best for your baby.

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Birth & Siblings: Issues Parents Face When Bringing a New Baby Home to Older Siblings

Routine – change of the old routine and creating a new routine for the newborn – is commonly the biggest issue parents face when bringing a new baby home to older siblings.

Lack of sleep can be a tough one as well. Newborns wake up in the middle of the night and then the other siblings wake up early in the morning.

Focusing on two children can be a huge adjustment. Building the relationship for both takes work.

It is very wise to organize a lot of help from a post-partum doula, someone who can jump in and help you with the transition.

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The Most Helpful Topic Discussed in a Childbirth Class

The most helpful topic discussed in a childbirth class is how to labor at home. Learning to differentiate what is labor and what is not and learning tools on how to labor at home for 10 hours or so until it’s really time to go.
Hospitals don’t take on mothers who are in very early labor and most parents end up in a hospital way too early thinking that it’s happening but it’s really not. You are experiencing early labor or moving towards active labor.
The tools for laboring at home are mainly a combination of the following:
• Breath work: Use certain breathing techniques
• Positioning: Good labor positioning
• Partner help: Applying counter pressure, moving the pelvis, and helping the mother to find the best position during labor

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What is the best exercise plan for pregnant women?

The best plan would be to do a mix of flexibility, strength and cardio to keep your body fluid and flexible to prepare for the birth. To be more specific, spinning is great, light running, or yoga.

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Birth After C-Section

Why did the first caesarian delivery happen? Knowing this, may determine the outcome of the next delivery. For a vaginal delivery, the following should be present:
• Baby’s head should be down
• Baby should be a normal size
• It shouldn’t be a multiple baby pregnancy, no twins for example
• The mother should be healthy – no diabetes and no high blood pressure

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Top 3 Ways To Catch Enough Sleep After Your Baby Is Born

The first thing is to get help. Really plan ahead and see who can help you with the household – maybe with cooking, getting groceries. Remember that the partner just had a baby too so not everything should be done by the partner. It is recommended to get help for postpartum time.

The second is sleep when the baby sleeps. Really important! Lie down when baby is lying down or the baby is falling asleep. Just rest up. You don’t know when baby is going to wake up again, you don’t know how the night is going to be so lie down when you baby is falling asleep. Continue reading

10 Things Expectant Dads Should Avoid During Labor

Working as The New York Doula for over a decade, I’ve seen quite a few dads-to-be become totally overwhelmed and unprepared leading up to childbirth. Although dads aren’t the ones in the spotlight on the actual day of labor, their support in the delivery process is equally important. Not sure how to handle a baby on the way? Start by avoiding these 10 things during labor:

1. Don’t stay out too late as the due date nears.
I once had a dad stay out with friends until 3:00 am and came home to his wife in labor. In a panic, he drank endless amounts of water in order to sober up for the birth. Thankfully, as the hours passed, so did the booze out of his system. Within at least two weeks of the due date, set a reasonable curfew and think twice before ordering just-one-more drink. Continue reading

Questions to ask your Doula

Once you have decided that you’d like to work with a Doula here is a list for you on what to ask her:

  • How long have you been a Doula? How many births have you attended?
  • Where were you trained?
  • Do you have any other certifications, like massage or acupuncture?
  • What is your philosophy? Would you be ok if I had an epidural? Do you know hypnobirthing or other comfort measures?
  • Are you available around your due date? Who is your back-up in case someone else goes in labor at the same time?
  • Do you know my midwife/OB and my hospital/birthing center? What are the common procedures there?
  • Do you have former clients I could talk to?
  • What is your fee and what is included?

Once you have all these questions answered ask yourself: do I like her? Do I trust her? Does my partner like her? Continue reading