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Postpartum Doula Services


What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is an expert for your postpartum weeks. She helps mothers, fathers/partners and families adjust to daily life with a baby. Services with a postpartum doula are usually 3-6 hours in home visits daytime visits or 10+ hours overnight visits. You can book a package of 20 hours, 50 or 100 (or anything in between!). Not sure if you need a baby specialist/night nanny or a postpartum doula? Watch this short video to clarify.

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Your postpartum doula services include:

  • breastfeeding support
  • Maternal postnatal care
  • Partner involvement
  • Newborn care and education, techniques to soothe your baby, baby-wearing
  • Meal preparation and education on nutrition after birth
  • Light Housekeeping and sibling care
  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders
  • Additional resources and referrals in your community

It’s all about you!

Your postpartum doula will be there for all these issues and more! With a NY Doula postpartum doula by your side

  • you will learn how to make sure your baby is latched on correctly if you are breastfeeding
  • you will learn how to avoid sore nipples and infections if you are breastfeeding
  • you will learn how to bottle feed if you are not breastfeeding
  • you will learn how to treat the cord
  • you will learn what changes to expect in your baby
  • you will learn how your partner can be super-helpful
  • you can call or text your doula with questions
  • you will learn how to notice signs of postpartum depression
  • you will learn what to do when your baby has jaundice
  • you will learn how to have the best recovery from vaginal birth or a c-section
  • you will learn what body changes to expect after birth
  • you will have your doula to cook for you
  • you will learn how to take care of yourself after birth
  • you will learn what to eat during the postpartum phase
  • your doula will do some light housekeeping
  • you will have someone to take care of older siblings
  • you will have a far less likelihood to develop postpartum depression
  • you have a wonderful resource if you need a referral to a specialist

No matter what your plan for the postpartum weeks is, we are here for you! Contact Stephanie at info@thenewyorkbaby.com for rates and packages!

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