Best source for German parents and parents-to-be

Pregnancy, birth and baby photographer:

Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness:

I’d recommend to stay away from common shampoos and use this instead:

Pregnancy wellness center (acupuncture and massage)

Becca Krauss,
Elisabeth Carpenter,
Christiane Siebert,

Prenatal Yoga Center in Manhattan

CPR instructor

Personal trainer for pregnancy or after birth
Christa Bache,

Brooklyn Birthing Center:

Marianne Ryan (who also published a wonderful book for post partum!):

Healthy pregnancy juices, great gift!

Chiropractor for pregnancy and newborns
Dr.Jessica Goodrich,
Dr.Gregg Rubinstein,

Post partum depression resource:
Olivia Bergeron,

Wonderful naturopath for the whole family:
Dr. Maura Denninger,

Baby nurse services:
Nadine Kennedy,

New York Lactation Consultant Association:

Information on cord blood banking:

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