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The perfect gifts for all mommies-to-be. Having a baby shower? Put me on your list!


Video – Early labor breathing techniques with Stephanie Heintzeler

Relaxed during labor? Who knew this would be possible! Learn how to breathe in this comprehensive and calming breathing class for early labor. You will receive wonderful tips on how to prepare for labor and what to expect. You can use this video before your birth to feel more prepared or in early labor when you are at home and feel like you have no breathing technique and are getting nervous.


Preggie Guide

18 years of doula-ing in NYC and midwifery in Germany… and the result? A wonderful 25-page pregnancy guide with tips for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum time. Includes i.e. phases of labor, role of partner during labor, pros and cons of interventions and how to breastfeed.


Schwanger in New York E-book

Having a baby is a huge step in life that comes with many questions. Having a baby in another country comes with even more. This ultimate eBook co-published with CityKinder and written in German gives expecting couples the necessary information needed to go through pregnancy and prepare for birth in the New York Area.


Breastfeeding FAQ’s Handbook

A handbook with all typical questions answered right there. Tips for problems with breastfeeding, how to latch on baby and a long list of wonderful resources and Youtube-links.

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