Our services include

midwife helping pregnant woman with birthing excercises

  • Help with search for doctor or midwife for delivery care and hospital
  • Create a birth plan: what ideas and wishes do I/we have for the birth of our child? How do we make that happen?
  • Advice and education during pregnancy (i.e. nutrition), help to ease pregnancy discomfort
  • Preparing for labor with breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Special relaxation techniques for moms or dads with anxiety
  • Private childbirth classes
  • Referrals as needed- from specialists for your pregnancy to financial advisors for your new phase of your life
  • Demonstration of massage techniques and other pain relief measures
  • Explanations of medical terms, procedures and interventions, especially when in NY as German parents or in Germany as US parents and are not familiar with the other countries health care system.                                                                                      midwife helping expecting father and mother with birthing excercises
  • Support during your birth– often at home first (where we create a beautiful space to labor in- see below), then at the hospital or birthing center. Help with breathing techniques, easing the pain with great positions, massage, supporting your partner, explaining procedures, nurturing you, advocating for you when you are uncomfortable with procedures
  • If you are planning on an (early) epidural: help with deciding when it’s a good time to request one, help with movement and good positioning when having an epidural
  • Help with (breast or bottle) feeding and taking care of your baby, cord care, newborn development, weight gain of your baby, information to avoid SIDS
  • Help when problems during breastfeeding arise
  • Support on emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, support in day and night rhythm, nutrition
  • Running errands

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