Virtual Doula Support during Labor and Birth

This is me on a Sunday morning at 5am in May 2020 after 12 hours of virtual birth coaching. We had been through several phases of labor together, changed positioning and breathing techniques, let the parter sleep for a bit and even started chatting when contractions slowed down a bit. Now the baby was way on her way and I changed my instructions to more visual to remind her how to stay relaxed.

Virtual birth support

What does virtual labor and birth support look like?

  • Your doula will be on call for you day and night
  • When you think that you are in labor you call or text her and stay in touch on and off until you need continuous support
  • Once you need continous support your doula will stay present with you virtually- whether Facetime, whatts app video or Skype.
  • We recommend you use an Ipad which you set up in the room that you spend most of your labor in. Get a clip or holder so your doula can see the whole room and give you tips on how to position yourself in the best way.
  • Your doula will be able to observe your contractions, tell you how to deal with them, when to call your OB, how your birth partner can help, when and what to eat, what to expect and so much more.
  • Some doulas might see you at home in early labor until it’s time to go to the hospital. Others will be with you virtually the whole time.
  • Once you are at the hospital you’d clip your phone or ipad on the bed and continue to breathe, make decisions together or get questions answered.
  • You will be alone in the labor and delivery room most of the time and your doula will be a calming presence who will give lots of advice on current hospital procedures and honoring your birth plan.
  • Once your little one has been born your doula will be here to help you nurse your baby and prepare you for when you go home which will be about 24 hours after birth- much faster than before Covid19!

Our goal is for you to have a safe and wonderful birth. And while we’d all love to attend your birth in person it is important to not cause any harm and risk to anyone when doing so. Email us at [email protected] to hear about our virtual rates!

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