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Virtual Doula Support during Labor and Birth

This is me on a Sunday morning at 5am in May 2020 after 12 hours of virtual birth coaching. We had been through several phases of labor together, changed positioning and breathing techniques, let the parter sleep for a bit and even started chatting when contractions slowed down a bit. Now the baby was way on her way and I changed my instructions to more visual to remind her how to stay relaxed.

Virtual birth support

What does virtual labor and birth support look like?

  • Your doula will be on call for you day and night
  • When you think that you are in labor you call or text her and stay in touch on and off until you need continuous support
  • Once you need continous support your doula will stay present with you virtually- whether Facetime, whatts app video or Skype.
  • We recommend you use an Ipad which you set up in the room that you spend most of your labor in. Get a clip or holder so your doula can see the whole room and give you tips on how to position yourself in the best way.
  • Your doula will be able to observe your contractions, tell you how to deal with them, when to call your OB, how your birth partner can help, when and what to eat, what to expect and so much more.
  • Some doulas might see you at home in early labor until it’s time to go to the hospital. Others will be with you virtually the whole time.
  • Once you are at the hospital you’d clip your phone or ipad on the bed and continue to breathe, make decisions together or get questions answered.
  • You will be alone in the labor and delivery room most of the time and your doula will be a calming presence who will give lots of advice on current hospital procedures and honoring your birth plan.
  • Once your little one has been born your doula will be here to help you nurse your baby and prepare you for when you go home which will be about 24 hours after birth- much faster than before Covid19!

Our goal is for you to have a safe and wonderful birth. And while we’d all love to attend your birth in person it is important to not cause any harm and risk to anyone when doing so. Email us at info@thenewyorkbaby.com to hear about our virtual rates!

Feedback from Anja, mom of Rosa, June 2020, doula Stephanie

  • I had a difficult pregnancy in the midst of the pandemic - fleeing NYC to another state, experiencing a painful pregnancy-related hernia in the lead up to giving birth and then a severe hemorrhage a few hours after delivery. Thank goodness we had Stephanie along on this difficult journey with us! Her advice and experience was invaluable and she was able to do all of it remotely. The virtual part was really no problem at all (as we first feared). She was readily available at every turn. Most expecting parents across the US are limited to one support person during COVID-19 pandemic (best case!) and while everyone is focused on the baby and or Stephie was focused on me. Aside from my husband, Stephanie became the first key member of our birth team, even before the OBGYN, and she helped us put together a comprehensive, bespoke birth plan, educating us along the way as to how to manage late pregnancy, delivery and caring for a newborn. We are first-time parents and we learned more from Stephanie than anyone else in our lives during this time. We decided to shift some of our hours to post-partum since Stephanie wouldn't be able to be there in the delivery room with us. She was really flexible and fair in accommodating this. And we're SO thankful that it worked out the way it did.. we had no idea how much support we would need post partum. Stephanie's years and years of experience extend to post-partum issues of lactation, maternal recovery, scheduling, nutrition, natural and medicinal remedies, family management and so much more - she's there for us, for everything. We've been blown away by her ability to guide two nervous first-time parents smoothly through the bumpiest experience of our lifetime. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Note from the Dad - when my wife was rushed to emergency post-partum surgery, it was the scariest moment of my life. The first thing I needed to do was inform grandma, but she only speaks German. It was 6:30AM and sure enough Stephanie picked up the phone after 1 ring. She spoke directly to the nurse to understand the medical issue, and then we got on the phone with grandma in Germany and Stephanie was able to communicate everything that was going on, put us both at ease, and helped us ask all the right questions and ensure we got through it together. I felt crushingly alone for a moment there, and Stephanie brought me back from the ledge right away.

Feedback from Johanna for virtual support:

  • Originally, we were meant to welcome Johanna into our home in early May, after the birth of our first child. Unfortunately, because of covid, we had to switch our sessions to FaceTime. We met with Johanna over FaceTime every day for the first few days after our daughter was born. Johanna was incredibly effective and helpful over FaceTime. She was able to share tips and ensure our daughter was latching correctly, by actually seeing her latch and guiding me to adjust in real time. She taught us different nursing positions through the phone. Best of all, she was a resource for new parents each day to help us feel more confident in our parenting skills. We were anxious we wouldn’t know how to take care of a newborn, but Johanna helped ease our fears, and she was able to do so remotely. I would recommend Johanna to any new parent, remotely or not. She’s able to pick up on cues and guide through the phone, just as if she were here. My husband and I both feel we received incredible service and guidance, with Johanna being very flexible and available when we needed her the most. We would not have been as confident and comfortable without her!
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