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Can we meet before hiring our doula?

All doulas offer a virtual interview on Zoom.

What are the cost for the doulas?

Every doula has a different rate based on her experience and certifications. Please email us for packages and rates.

Can I have my doula in-person for my birth at the hospital?

Yes, all hospitals in the NYC area allow one support-person AND a doula present for your birth. Some hospitals require that the doula brings her certification or proof of vaccination which the doula always carries with her when coaching a client through birth.

How about reimbursement by my health insurance?

Birth support by a doula usually doesn’t get reimbursed by US health insurances. If you happen to have a European health insurance it might be possible. Also, ask your employer about any benefits- if you have Carrot insurance chances are that you will be getting reimbursed.

Lactation Consultants usually get paid by US health insurance – you’d receive a super-bill after the home visit to seek reimbursement.

Are you offering lactation consultation?

Yes, Stephanie is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). More information on in-home-consultations can he found here.

What happens if my doula is with another client when I go in labor?

While this rarely happens every doula has a team of colleagues who are backing her up. Since we never know if the main back-up is at a birth when she is needed we all have several back-ups to choose from (usually within our NY Doulas-team).

Are doulas insisting on breastfeeding?

Certainly not! While breastfeeding is generally best for you and your baby there might be situations where supplementing or bottle-feeding makes sense. Lactation Consultants can guide you throughout the decision-process on how to feed your little one.

March 28, 2019

Who Hires A Lactation Consultant?

Recently I was accompanied by a journalist who wanted to write a story about me on German TV. Watch the 7-minute story here- it’s in German […]
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