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Find some calmness- your doulas are here for your wellbeing and care. On April 29, 2020 Governor Cuomo announced that doulas are essential. Therefore we now have more flexibility on serving you both virtual and in person during these stressful times! Enjoy your pregnancy consultations and childbirth classes from the comfort of your own home, early labor support, birth support and postpartum support  as well as lactation consultations– all virtual or in person! Call at 347-257-5157 or email us now to find out more about our availability and rates!

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A German midwife offering doula-support in NYC


Having a Great Birth

With Stephanie Heintzeler, Founder

Our journey together starts as early as you like- whether at 6 weeks or 36 weeks. Without fuss and mystery, we want you to be prepared for labor, birth and postpartum so you will feel powerful, calm and confident; able to have the birth you want. You will know everything about labor, so you won’t require different childbirth educators, breastfeeding classes or postpartum support. You’ll have everything in one hand: a one on one personalized program just for you.

Birthing Wellness from Pregnancy to Post-Partum

Our specialized European approach includes everything from Pregnancy to Birth to Post-Partum, providing you and your partner with the compassionate support you need each step of the way.

Doula Support

Doula support in childbirth is associated with a 40% decrease in cesarean deliveries among Medicaid recipients. The researchers found that Doula-supported births had a cesarean rate of 22.3% compared with 31.5% among other Medicaid recipients, according to results from a study published online February 14, 2013 in theAmerican Journal of Public Health.

6 weeks after birth, mothers who had a midwife or doula:

  • were less anxious and depressed
  • had more confidence with their baby
  • were more satisfied with there partner (71% vs. 30%)
  • were more likely to be breastfeeding (52% vs. 29%)

Am J Pub Health. Published online February 14, 2013. Abstract


We would like to sincerely thank you for your professional, warm and flexible support during the time before, during and after the birth of our much-loved son. You not only replaced the support and good advice we would have surely gotten from our family, but further provided us with all the expert advice we needed in making important decisions, and all that in the loving, warm way that you and your colleagues show towards your clients. We are so grateful for all this and are convinced that having you was the best thing that could have happened to us. Thanks a million!

Felix & Aneka

I had a wonderful experience with Stephanie. She made the process of a long labor and challenging delivery much more reassuring, and expertly answered all of our questions. She is truly a wealth of knowledge about birth and baby care, including both the medical side as well as alternative and natural aids. We also attended her childbirth class. While all of her care was excellent, she truly went above and beyond during our hospital delivery, and I am so grateful she was by our side.


The class was excellent: well-organized, upbeat, clear, and managed to pack an amazing amount of information in to the time. Stephanie is clearly an expert in all aspects of before/during/after birth and she is also an extremely competent educator. The class was structured and fast-paced, but it was also conversational. With such a small class size, I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing concerns I definitely would not have among a larger group, and I particularly appreciated Stephanie’s direct, confident replies.


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