Helping You Have The Birth You Want

Congratulations for taking your birth into your own hands! Birth is a unique experience and having a doula by your side means having a healthier pregnancy and feeling empowered about your birth. You will have a better chance for a non-medical birth (unless you want your epidural as soon as possible), a relaxed birth setting, a more confident partner by your side and a great start towards creating a healthy, happy family together during your postpartum week.

Certified, experienced, calming, non-judgmental

Our journey together starts as early as you like- whether at 6 weeks or 36 weeks. Without fuss and mystery, I want you to be prepared for labor, birth and postpartum so you will feel powerful, calm and confident; able to have the birth you want. You will know everything about labor, so you won’t require different childbirth educators, breastfeeding classes or postpartum support. You’ll have everything in one hand: a one on one personalized program just for you.

If you are interested in group childbirth or breastfeeding/newborn care classes, here is more information and dates!

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I have delivered over 1200 babies- and your birth is as unique as can beMother holding newborn baby

Having a birth doula means once you go in labor I will come to your home and help you find your rhythm and comfort. You can try different  breathing techniques, reflexology, massage and encouragement and will find what’s most comforting for you. It’s all about about you being nurtured.

Postpartum I will visit you either in the hospital or at home, depending on your needs. I will make sure breastfeeding is going well (if you want to breastfeed), check on your baby and am always available for questions.

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Birth Doula Services

Post partum Doula Services 

Childbirth Classes

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Classes

Breastfeeding Counseling

Newborn care specialists and nannies

Testimonial of a dad whose wife I helped during her birth in 2015:
August 31, 2015
Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience! I am immensely proud of how Natacha handled it and impressed with how you helped bring out the best in her.
Thanks for these pictures which we will treasure always.
Mother and son continue to do well and seem very fond of each other already.
It was definitely the birth we wanted.