LGBT parents

A pair of Expecting Moms, a pair of Expecting Dads….


Congratulations! This is an incredible journey you are on.*

As a doula, I love working with NYC’s wide range of diversity in the family

Whether you are a lesbian couple expecting a baby of your own, a gay couple
waiting for your surrogate to go in labor, or are waiting for an adopted
child to arrive home into your arms, there never seems to be enough time to
prepare, does there?!

No matter how your child is entering into this world, you are giving
birth to a new life and diving fast into new parenthood. The feelings and
emotions and the transition around your experience are real, and deserve

As a doula on your team, I adjust my role to your unique situation. I hear
your excitements and fears. I help you plan to have a smooth transition
with your precious baby. I support your process and take every step with

I work with several LGBT couples each year and would be happy to speak with
you so that I can hear more about your hopes, your plans, and any concerns
that may be arising.

Be in touch with me today, so we can plan your journey, together.

P.S. An amazing resource for couples using insemination, surrogacy or
adoption methods can be found HERE

My very best,