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Testimonials via email:

“Dear Steffi,

We would like to sincerely thank you for your professional, warm and flexible support during the time before, during and after the birth of our much-loved son. Being in New York without family made a feel a bit uncertain about how to approach everything relating to the birth- especially since this was our first child. You not only replaced the support and good advice we would have surely gotten from our family, but further provided us with all the expert advice we needed in making important decisions, and all that in the loving, warm way that you and your colleagues show towards your clients. We are so grateful for all this and are convinced that having you was the best thing that could have happened to us. Thanks a million!”

Felix & Aneka, October 2016

“Stephanie’s services are literally priceless. Being a first time mom in a city with no family can be completely overwhelming. Stephanie’s expertise and passion for her work made our entire birth process calm and joyful. I don’t know what we would have done without her!”

Kylie Deppen,  www.joyfulhealthandwellness.com

“We hope this finds you very well. We wanted to thank you for being there for us when Max was born. What a day that was!. I thought I go for a quick check up to my OB and a few hours later we are in the hospital with lots of decisions to make. Honestly, without your calming advice I would have been totally lost. With high blood pressure, all sorts of hormones raging and the fear of a c-section, your presence, experience and clear explanations helped to make the right choices and calm me down. Childbirth is an extraordinary experience with many ups and downs, it is humiliating and exhilarating. Thank you for being there. You have an incredibly calming and comforting presence.
I am so happy Max was delivered vaginally and will never in my life forget when he was put down on my chest immediately after. He was screaming and as I mumbled something to him, he calmed down. I know that Max, Greg and I had this moment because you were there and steered us through the maze. Thank you!”
Christine, Greg and Max, June 2016

“On the birth of my first child I decided to use the help of a post partum doula. I chose Stephanie Heintzeler and it was a great decision. Stephanie was great ! she helped me to take care of my self as well witch was so easy to forget, Stephanie helped in every aspects that was needed for me as a new mom and for my new born, Stephanie has a great knowledge on breath feeding and great necessary medical knowledge as well witch was extremely helpful. Stephanie was always listening to my needs and helped me find the support I needed! I highly recommend to use her service!”
Oryan Gur

“Thank you again for everything. You were so great and Craig and I both benefited so much from having you with us. And after you left, the nurse said “I’ve never said this to any patient before, but you had an amazing doula”. 🙂
Jessica and Craig, parents of baby Kai, born August 27, 2014.

“I suffered from severe anxiety during pregnancy mostly about giving birth. I knew I wanted a doula to help coach me through child birth. But I struggled to find a doula that was understanding of my fears and supportive of my birth plan (an epidural) without being judgmental. When I met Stephanie I knew right away she was the doula that I wanted to help coach me through the rest of my pregnancy and child birth. I can honestly say I couldn’t have delivered my baby as calmly as I did without Stephanie’s help, support and knowledge. She helped keep me focused and calm in the months leading up to birth and gave me plenty of advice and recommendations. She worked closely with my husband to make sure I was prepared when the big day finally arrived.

On the day of my little boys birth, Stephanie arrived at our apartment and coached me through early labour along with my husband before taking us to hospital. She helped make everything easier for me, from the massage, calming essential oils and most importantly helping me find a comfortable position to push! Stephanie was great at relaying my fears to the doctors and nurses, explaining things step by step to my husband and I and making sure we had everything we needed.

Stephanie made my birth experience a truly incredible one. I felt like I had an old friend there at my birth to help me though. Thanks to Stephanie I actually look forward to my next baby’s delivery ( I would never have thought that possible) and I can’t wait to have her at my side again for baby #2. I could not recommend her highly enough.”
Beth Kent

“Working with Stephanie was a wonderful experience. It was important to us to have a childbirth expert on our side since we wanted to avoid interventions that might not be necessary. We needed interventions in the end due to the fact that my water broke and I didn’t have any contractions. But we had Stephanie as a resource to discuss options. After having an induction Stephanie joined us once contractions started. She helped me breathe and stay focused while so much was going on around me. She explained every procedure and knew in advance what was going to happen. My daughter was not small so it took a while until she was born. Stephanie kept me upbeat and positive when we were on the verge of a c-section. And after 4 hours of pushing little Valerie was born vaginally. They kept her at the NICU for a few days where Stephanie visited us a few times and then later at home. It was very reassuring to have her with us throughout the whole process.”
Isabel and Kilian with baby Valerie

“I was really curious to understand a more balanced perspective of how things are done here in the US when it comes to child birth.  It’s hard to get real perspective when your OB is your main contact point, and you don’t know how much to question or just take their recommendation on. Especially when looking for a more natural route without medical intervention, if it can be avoided at all. You having that perspective of a system other than just the US one and as a midwife, and a doula here knowing how to support a more midwife baseda approach I think is great.

The US system is heavily OB driven, I only discovered too late really into my pregnancy that there were other routes that may meet my goals for intervention free delivery than the OB route. Having attended your course gave me a much greater insight into the system, and ways to navigate it better to give myself the best chance of achieving the birth I wanted. Your course supported a lot of what I had read in some books including Ina Mae and Active Birth*. You also delivered the information in a very balanced way – providing the information, facts and allowing people to make their own informed choices. This was great as it not only supported what I had read already, but gave the information to my husband in a way that he respected and really helped me by getting him up to speed and on the same page as me with valuable information.”
 Clare, July 2014

“Moving to New York when I was already 6 months pregnant meant that we had to figure everything out very quickly. Your help in finding the right doctor, hospital and birthing classes was invaluable during the preparation stage. Having you by our side during the birth of our daughter made us feel comfortable and calm and helped us have the birth that we wanted. We loved the post-partum sessions with you at our apartment and your advice on all things baby- from breastfeeding to changing diapers to giving the first bath- your little tips and tricks made us feel more comfortable and relaxed. It was great to know that you were always just a text message or call away during this important time in our life.”
Best, Janine & Olaf

“I met with  her last week and was impressed by her straightforward, down to earth,  parent-centric approach to her work, which speaks to her extensive experience,  tempered with her honest and true empathy for all involved in the various stages  of having a baby.”
Ro Barraud

“We will always feel a sense of gratitude for the supportive hand that you lent us through the whole childbirthing process. Your generous spirit and cool-headed competence helped us to feel calm, focused and optimistic before, during and after labor.”
EG and VG

“It seemed that we shared the same values. We had so much fun during the childbirth classes and felt very confident towards the birth. The flexibility with appointments was amazing and to have someone with knowledge available when you feel lost and overwhelmed even more!”
Susanne and Peter Miller

“Thank you for all the help and support you gave us before, during and after the birth of our first child. You played such an important role in our daugther’s birth. We appreciate your patience, understanding and caring personality and the practical advice you provided. You were always sensitive to our needs. After Lea was born, we didn’t know the little details, and you were there to show us. We are also very grateful for your support and encouragement in breastfeeding even when Lea had a hard time latching on. Without your help we would have probably stopped after a few weeks. We could not have done it without you and cannot recommend you more highly!”
Ina & Richard Seow

“Stephanie, these weeks before and after the birth of our son were so wonderful because of you! Despite the fact that we didn’t know anyone in Munich, had no clue about the health care system and couldn’t speak German (das ist anders jetzt) it was so very helpful to have your knowledge and loving support during this special time. Thank you again and we hope you will be in Munich again when we are having a 2nd child!”
Jennifer and Tom


“Birth without a midwife like you would have been a much worse start for us. Thank you for being there continuously, for having a quiet and patient attitude but at the same time energizing no matter what mood we were in. Thank you for fighting with us so we could have the birth we wanted and had in the end- we will always remember this amazing experience!”

Amy, Matthew  and little Sarah

“You were one of the biggest supports during the pregnancy and the looooong birth of our first child. We always felt that we are in good hands, we trusted you in every minute! I still don’t know what I would have done without you the first weeks after Theresa was born! Painful and funny situations as well … you know, what I mean! Your postnatal care was amazing. Thank you very much for your help and support.”
Kati & Marcus