We are following all CDC recommendations, ask your doula more about her safety measures.



Can we meet in person before hiring our doula?

Due to Covid19 all interviews are taking place virtually right now.

What are the cost for the doulas?

Every doula has a different rate based on her experience and certifications. Please email us for packages and rates.

How about reimbursement by my health insurance?

Birth support by a doula usually doesn’t get reimbursed by US health insurances. If you happen to have a European health insurance it might be possible. Lactation Consultants usually get paid by US health insurance – you’d receive a super-bill after the home visit to seek reimbursement.

Are you offering lactation consultation?

Yes, Stephanie is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). More information on in-home-consultations can he found here.

What happens if my doula is with another client when I go in labor?

While this rarely happens every doula has a team of colleagues who are backing her up. Since we never know if the main back-up is at a birth when she is needed we all have several back-ups to choose from (usually within our NY Doulas-team).

Are doulas insisting on breastfeeding?

Certainly not! While breastfeeding is generally best for you and your baby there might be situations where supplementing or bottle-feeding makes sense. Lactation Consultants can guide you throughout the decision-process on how to feed your little one.