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All classes are small with lots of time for Q & A

Highly recommended. My husband and I took a 4 hour semi-private prenatal childbirth and infant care class with Stephanie yesterday. The class was excellent: well-organized, upbeat, clear, and managed to pack an amazing amount of information in to the time. Stephanie is clearly an expert in all aspects of before/during/after birth and she is also an extremely competent educator. The class was structured and fast-paced, but it was also conversational. With such a small class size, I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing concerns I definitely would not have among a larger group, and I particularly appreciated Stephanie’s direct, confident replies. We took the class as a supplement to a childbirth class at the hospital and now I can’t imagine feeling as well-prepared without Stephanie’s class. She also emailed us several super helpful resources following the class and offered to remain available for follow up questions

How to prepare for birth/how to get your baby to sleep

Put your baby in the best position for birth with the Webster technique
Get your baby sleep through the night and still successfully breastfeed

Join us for our free event hosted by the wonderful chiropractor Dr.Gregg Rubinstein, sleep-researcher and baby-coach Sofia Axelrod and Stephanie Heintzeler, doula and lactation consultant!
We will serve a light dinner.

Thursday, March 9, 2019
Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Location: 119 W 57th Street

Free event at HATCH Soho hosted by Stephanie and Sofia Axelrod (sleep researcher)

Tired of being tired?
In this 1-hour workshop, parents will learn 3 simple steps based on sleep research to help their babies, toddlers – and themselves! – to finally sleep through the night while still successfully breastfeeding. The idea is simple: blue and white light suppress the sleep hormone melatonin, so only use red light at night, be mindful of baby’s changing naps, and use a research-based, gentle sleep training to help babies sleep through the night.

Monday, June 17, 2019
Time: TBD, stay tuned!
Location: HATCH, 17 Bleecker Street

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