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Birth Doula | Offering overnight services
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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens 3 years

As a birth and postpartum doula, I see so much potential for these two experiences to be more supported than stressful, and more nuanced than one-size-fits all. Everyone is different, and everyone will go through birth and postpartum differently, and I hope to always make space for this through warmth, understanding and knowledge.

After working as a nanny for many years and now as a doula, I have a unique understanding of not only infants, but also the many things that parents feel worried about with their new role. As your doula, I will provide evidence-based information, so that you can make informed decisions about care for yourself and your baby during birth and postpartum. Most importantly, I know just how much support families deserve to have in these new phases, particularly when it comes to mental health. From both personal experience with depression, and a familial history of postpartum depression, I hope to give all birthers the support they need with my personal understanding of how this support can look when you or your partner(s) are in the thick of it.

I am trained with Bebo Mia as of Fall of 2021 in the following trainings:

  • Fertility Doula Training

  • Pregnancy & Birth Doula Training

  • Postpartum Doula Training


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