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Hi! My name is A., and I am a full spectrum doula, early childhood educator, and lifelong learner and lover of adventure. I felt called to birth work many years ago after learning about how the medical industrial complex seeks to control birth. As your birth and/or postpartum doula, I am a comforting companion and advocate, supporting your ideal birth experience; aiming to help you feel seen and heard. With my heart, hands, and by providing evidence based information, I strive to help you feel secure so that you can maintain autonomy and make the best decisions for yourself throughout pregnancy, labor, and beyond. I approach this work knowing that people are the experts of their own lives, and my goal is to support your intentions as long as you are safe.
When I am not caring for birthing people, you can most likely find me traveling, cuddling random dogs, or writing poetry while propagating new plant cuttings!
I completed my doula training through Birthing Advocacy, and will complete my Lactation Counselor training soon through the University of California, San Diego.
Working with A. has been a great experience and I highly recommend her as a Doula!
As a new parent I was so grateful for all the support I could get. There are an abundance of things to figure out and I couldn’t have done it alone. Becoming a mom is hard especially in the first couple of weeks. It’s not just learning how to take care of the baby but also how to settle into the new role as a mom.
A. was super supportive during that time and I appreciate how reliable and flexible she was. She helped me with household chores, always had practical tips for my little one and her massages helped me so much to relax.
If you’re looking for a Doula, I absolutely recommend A.! She is a wonderful listener, kind and compassionate
Stephanie & George, September 2023


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