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In Person, Virtual Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens 11 years

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I.’s dream is that every birth be a wonderful memory of joy and satisfaction for every family. It is her mission to facilitate such experiences with as many families as possible. Accordingly, she has certification in Spinning Babies, the Body Ready Method, HypnoBirthing and hypnosis. She is a practitioner of Healing Touch and is a professional member of Evidence Based Birth and VBAC Facts. I. is a strong believer in the idea that appropriate preparation helps to make the miraculous experience of birth smoother and more joyful.
I. is also active as a musician. She was a music teacher for many years with all ages and levels. She conducts a handbell choir, the Perkins Ringers, sings alto in choir and still enjoys teaching piano. Her favorite season is summer because she loves to see the fireflies come out in the various New York City parks.



I HIGHLY recommend working with I.! I. was my doula for my second child and made the whole process go so smoothly and fast. I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth and I. was wonderful guiding me through. She was so respectful, gave advice when asked and knew how to support and encourage when I just needed someone to listen. She also spent so much time with me – coming over to my house to go through plans, practice exercises and movements, breathing etc. When i began labor and went to the hospital, i was only 3 cm but decided to stay and walk around. I. walked with me and we went all over the hospital – doing lunges and different exercises to help move baby along. And sure enough… I went from 3 to 6cm in 2 hours! Then we moved into the birthing center where again she would take into consideration the station and position of the baby and help me move my body accordingly. I went from 6cm to pushing baby out in another 2 hours!!! The whole experience was incredible and empowering. I. knew when to be there and also when to step back so my husband could be involved! I’m so grateful for I. and this whole birth process.

Katherine & Chris


I. made the birth I hoped for possible and I truly believe it wouldn’t have been without her presence.

We hoped to have I. for the birth of our first, but she was already committed to other births. The difference in experience from my first birth to the second is in large part to her impact. As an unexpected bonus, the guidance she brought to my second birth actually put into perspective some negatives around my first birth, allowing me to find more joy in that experience.

The prep work was fantastic. My husband and I appreciated the explanation of the birth process and corresponding exercises to prepare the body for delivery. Even more impactful were the conversations around the type of birth we hoped for. Her questions caused me to pause in all the busy-ness of late pregnancy and really consider what I wanted. When I proposed that the theme of the birth as “fun” she fully committed to aligning her approach with our experience. I laughed multiple times during labor, which is a pretty amazing feeling. She also brought hypnotherapy and healing touch into the preparations. The level of relaxation I achieved during the touch sessions helped make space for me, which I very much needed. The hypnotherapy session is one of my favorite memories. I loved the imagery that was created through her guidance and the practice of preparing with intention.

The labor itself was great. I. provided suggestions for how to position my body, how to relax my mind, and how to reset myself throughout the process. She used the space to our advantage while we were at home, and continued with physical support at the hospital. Our goal was to labor at home as long as possible and I. facilitated that totally, and provided very sage advice for a rather uncomfortable car ride!

I know anyone who has a birth is going to be so lucky to have someone as thoughtful, present, and flexible as I.



I. is amazing! We hired her to help with the birth of our first child and could not have been more happy with the result.  We found out that our baby was presenting breech during our week 34 doctor visit. During our first prenatal visits I. instructed us on positions and techniques to help get our baby to flip (spinning babies). We were successful and I was able to deliver vaginally! During our second prenatal visit, she shared her wealth of knowledge and talked us through everything to expect when we went to the hospital and helped us finalize our birth plan.

I.’s support, guidance, and flexibility during labor was invaluble. She helped coach and guide me during labor and was there to support my husband so that he could be dedicated to supporting me. I. knew just what to say and do to empower me and keep me centered and relaxed as possible. She is an expert at reading the room, and struck the perfect balance between advocating for me when I needed it and stepping back when I needed to discuss changes in my birth plan with my doctor. She worked seamlessly with the hospital staff at Tuoro and was a calming and positive energy in the room.

Maerin Laskey


Where do I even start? From the moment I saw I.’s photograph on the website, I felt an instant draw towards her and immediately knew that I wanted her as my doula. Boy, were my instincts correct here. I consider myself to be a pretty strong and independent person, but when I say I could not have given birth without her (despite having a very supportive husband, as well!), there is no truer statement. She was with me for a 30+ hour labor, calmly and warmly supporting me through every contraction. Her presence is calming, her input vital, and use of her is essential. Having her as my doula was easily the best decision I made regarding my delivery. If you are searching for a doula, look no further. In my mind, she is the best out there, and I’m forever grateful for her presence during such a special time ♥



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