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#54 A.M.

Baby specialist/night nanny | Lactation Counselor (1 week training) | Offering overnight services
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens 14 years

OBJECTIVE: To care and nurture newborns as well as to provide guidance to parents by assisting and teaching them about newborn care, sleep training, lactation and other miscellaneous issues that pertains to newborns.



  • 71 credits towards a Bachelors of Nursing Degree
  • Certified newborn specialist, Baby nurse club 2002
  • Certified multiple birth newborn specialist (advanced newborn specialist) 2010
  • Certified Infant massage educator (CIME)
  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist
  • Birthlight Infant Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Sleep Trainer
  • Newborn Observational Systems trained
  • Certified Happiest Baby on the Block educator
  • Postpartum & Labor Doula
  • Trained in the RIE (Resource Infant Educarers) method
  • Heart Saver Pediatric First Aid
  • American Heart Association Infant & Child CPR Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • E.S.T Postnatal Depression certification
  • Education A.S Liberal Arts, Borough of Manhattan Community College 2004
  • Forensic Science, John Jay College of Criminal Justice 2009



  • Infant feeding
  • Bathing care and instruction
  • Swaddling
  • Diapering and hygiene care
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Circumcision care
  • Nursery set up and organization
  • Bottle and breast pump sterilization
  • Assistance and encouragement for the breastfeeding mom
  • Sleep training
  • Developmental play with infants
  • Sibling training- how to be a big sister or brother
  • Ability to provide head to toe assessment of the needs of both mother and baby
  • Knowledge of local resources available to the family
  • Able to administer breathing treatments to infant
  • Setting up a successful sleep and feeding schedule



  • Multiples Specialist
  • Experience with Preemies
  • Knowledge of reflux protocol
  • Exhibit’s strong organizational skills
  • Whooping cough vaccine, flu shot yearly
  • Experience with Jewish customs such as BRIS

Related Skills Flexible: Able to work in many different settings, with a variety of personalities. Always keeping in mind the client is my first priority. Your child/children will be my priority, I am organized and patient and will work with you to create a workable schedule for you and your children.

Multi-tasker: Able to care for multiples easily providing the high quality of care a client would expect for their babies, able to tend to breastfeeding moms as well as the education of the clients. To date i have cared for over 70 sets of multiples. I deal well with situations that requires a person who can maintain calm.

Reliable and Confident: Have over 22 years of experience that you can depend on. I am very consistent with my philosophies but is willing to bend to your wishes.

Communication skills: Able to communicate with clients on any level. Have worked with high profile clients and am willing to sign confidentiality clauses. I will offer you tips and hints to make your life easier.

Dependable: I will always be on time.

In General: I am kind, compassionate and very caring. I am an excellent Newborn Care Specialist and it shows in the way I do my job

-Knowledge of reflux protocol
-Caring for multiple babies (twins, triplets)
-Understanding of premature infants needs
-Experience with apnea/brachycardia monitors
-Consulting on any newborn issues
-Served as a nanny for multiple families with young children and infant
-Post Partum
-Scheduling Techniques
-Soothing Techniques
-CPR breathing techniques
-Experience with cleft palettes babies
-Experience with babies that had micro chins
-Experience with Treacher Collins Syndrome& Downs Syndrome babies
-As a professional Baby Nurse, it is my responsibility to maintain my own knowledge base of
up-to-the-minute literary reference material. Here is just a sample of the publications that I have
read to learn more about newborn behavioral observational repertoires, newborn international
visionary behavioral Language and understanding the real trauma of birth defects and baby
social needs.
Recognizing Patterns of Infant
in Babies with Multiple Birth Defects and
by Smith
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by James J. McKenna
The Vital Touch on Infant Developments by Sharon Heller. Ph.D
Twins! Birth to First Year by Connie Agnew. M.D.
The Vaccination Book by Robert Sears M.D.
The Baby Book by Martha & William Sears M.D.
Touch by Tiffany Fields
Children with Facial Difference by Hope Charkins M.S.W.
The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck M.D.
Baby and Child by Pennylope Leach
Secret of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau
A Contented House with Twins by Gina Ford and Alice Beer
A Contented Little Baby by Gina Ford
The Preterm Infant/Kangaroo Care by Suzan Ludington Hoe
What Your Child Sees and Feels by Daniel Stern
Neonatal Pain Cries
Happiest Baby on the Block
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy child
No cry sleep solution
Solve your child’s sleep problems
Twelve hours by twelve weeks
Dear Parent: Caring for infants with
by R.E. Marshall et al
by Harvey Karp
by Dr. Marc Weissbluth
by Elizabeth Pantley
by Richard Ferber
by Suzy Giordano
by Magda Gerber


I had a surprise c-section planned and therefore decided I need help when I come home. I found Arlene online- she was the first person I called and immediately loved her. I didn’t even speak to someone else! I was so relieved to have her there. I texted her before birth and Arlene was very responsive. I bought everything she recommended and all were good products. She was so nice, taught me how to use the pump and set everything up for me. Took everything out of the boxes when I couldn’t do it. She stayed in the baby room with my baby all the time. She taught me bathing, cutting nails and all these little things. Sleeping went well for both baby and me from the start thanks to Arlene. We had her help for 4 weeks. She got my baby in such a good state that by the time she left I wasn’t worried at all. My baby is calm and quiet, very chill.

Hadley, June 2021

I had a great experience with Arlene. I really didn’t want her to end the job. Her work ethic was great, very punctual and very knowledgeable. I hired Arlene since this was my 3rd child. I wanted to make sure I have time for my toddlers and my newborn is taken care of. What was amazing is that Arlene was great with my other two kids so I could actually spend time with my newborn. My kids still call her room “Miss Arlene’s room” as she stayed with us for 5 months. I can’t recommend her enough- especially since it was Covid-time and we weren’t sure if we want someone in our house. But she was very cautious, wore a mask, washer her hands etc. that we were not worried at all.

Michelle, summer 2021

Arlene started working with us the week of the lockdown in March 2020. She was with us for 16 weeks. She truly was exceptional and so supportive. She happily obliged to all the demands that came with the pandemic. She was so professional which kept us sane during this crazy time. My baby had colics and she knew how to help. She sleep trained my baby- he slept 12 hours at night when he was 11 wees old and still does.

Natalie, summer 2021





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