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Baby specialist/night nanny
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In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan 9 years

My name is S.- I am a Certified and trained Newborn Care Specialist. I have been a caregiver for children since 2015. During that time, I have gathered experiences in taking care of children of various ages and categories which includes premature babies, Singletons and Twins. I have  obtained a Certification as a Newborn Care Specialist and I’m also Certified in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid.
I am a gentle, loving, caring and responsible individual who taking pride in taking care of children left under my supervision. I have work with families mainly  in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Connecticut.  I’m willing to relocate. I have done long and short assignments before. I specialize in Lactation, circumcision and umbilical cord care, getting the baby on a routine, recommending baby products, wash and Sterilized baby bottle, doing baby laundry, organizing the nursery, Soothing the baby, teach you how to give the baby a bath, offer emotional support and give you relieve at night.  I am willing to work with different people and believe that I am the best fit hope to hear from you soon.
I don’t know what I would have done without S. She showed me everything! She helped get my baby on a schedule with patience and love. What I really liked about her was her positive attitude- she made things very light. I got nervous easily but her vibe really helped me gain confidence in taking care of my baby myself.
Alexandra, January 2023
We engaged S. as a baby nurse for our newborn as soon as we left the hospital. Most first-time parents can attest to the fact that coming home with a newborn is just as nerve-racking as it is exciting. S. quickly helped us feel less anxious with her obvious expertise and her calming presence. We engaged her as a night nurse for a daily 12-hour shift (8pm – 8am) over a period of a couple of weeks. She was always punctual and professional and took great care from a hygiene perspective (changing clothes, disinfecting her hands before handling the baby,etc ) to ensure that our unvaccinated newborn was never in danger of contracting anything during peak flu season. She fed and changed the baby as per the schedule we set  throughout the night, which contributed to our newborn actually gaining weight over the first two weeks of her life, instead of losing 10% of her body weight, which tends to happen to most babies who are released from the hospital. S. also offered us invaluable advice about interpreting our baby’s body language, hunger cues, etc. and even warned us preemptively about issues we might face regarding gas/fussiness, suggesting products/supplements we could order in advance to deal with them. From demonstrating how to file a newborn’s nails to how one should go about cleaning their nose, S. helped us learn dozens of tricks/best practices that it would have taken us weeks (if not months) to figure out by ourselves. Last, but not least, S. is a genuinely kind and patient person and we truly appreciated how lovingly she would soothe and speak to our baby. She began each morning’s feeding session with her positive affirmations, telling our baby how smart, kind and beautiful she was. All in all, S. is one of the most reliable and competent professionals on top of being one of the most wonderful human beings we have ever had the pleasure of working with and we would recommend her services wholeheartedly to any prospective clients.
Amrita, November 2023



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