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Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering overnight services
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In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens 26 years

Are you first time parents that need assistance with your newborn? If so, Pamella will be the perfect candidate. Pamella is a reliable, loving, and nurturing newborn-care specialist with over 26 years of experience with newborns and infants. She absolutely loves caring for babies and is very knowledgeable about newborn-care. Her passion for babies started with her own experience of being a mother of four, a grandmother of one, and caring for babies in her family. Her personal experience with babies influenced her decision to become a newborn care specialist. A great quality of Pamella is her ability to adapt to the needs of every parent and baby.

Pamella has taken classes in newborn care and continues to keep herself up to date with newborn information. In addition to her studies, she has also received the necessary vaccines to care for babies. She is certified in adult, child and infant CPR which ensures parents the safety of their baby in the event of an emergency.

If hired as your newborn care specialist she will be there to answer your non-medical questions and offer an extra set of hands for your family.

Some of her duties as a newborn care specialist include, recommending baby products, sterilizing bottles, offering relief at nights, and organizing the nursery. Additional responsibilities include, breastfeeding assistance, assisting with the baby’s laundry, and teaching parents how to give their baby a bath. The strongest areas of her role as a newborn care specialist are introducing soothing techniques, sleep training, and offering emotional support. Her knowledge of soothing and calming techniques will have your baby calm and sleeping longer hours throughout the night. She will also create a personalized plan to teach your baby how to fall asleep on their own.

For first time parents or parents that need extra support, you can always depend on Pamella  to help you to adjust to having a new baby in the home with her constant encouragement and emotional support.


Pamella has been caring for our newborn daughter at nights since the day after she came home from hospital. Immediately, we were set at ease by her warm and engaging personality. She clearly loves babies and has a wealth of experience with them. She would bathe our daughter, dress her for the night, feed and change her, and stay with her through the late night wakings before handing her over in the morning fed, clean and sleeping! She is truly wonderful with our daughter, demonstrating consistent patience and loving kindness. Pamella possesses deep knowledge of newborn schedules, illnesses, soothing techniques, feeding and all other aspects of baby care. She has a sunny attitude and has been a pleasure to have in our home. We look forward to seeing her every time she comes. She has also been amazing with our toddler who has completely fallen in love with her. Pamella is always punctual and is deeply committed to her work, but more than that she has become a real part of the family in such a short time. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking newborn or childcare.

Lydia, January 2024

Pamella has been great; she’s kind and easy to work with and clearly very knowledgeable and good with babies. We felt very comfortable with her and lucky to have had the support to get through the first 4 weeks.

Luz, August 2023



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