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Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering live-in services | Offering overnight services
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In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester 14 years

My training and experience as a Certified Newborn Care Specialist/Baby Nurse allows me the ability to provide knowledge, support and infant care for families at the highest level. My goal is to help parents achieve one of their most important goals which is to build a safe, loving and nurturing environment for their babies.


B.R. was with me and my newborn son for 6 weeks and she is an absolutely tremendous baby nurse I will recommend highly without any reservation. B.R. was with us for 24 hours from the day we got back from the hospital and I can say with full certainly we would not have been able to do it without her. In fact, the first break she had after 9 straight days was over Christmas and it resulted in me begging her to come back a day early because we and most importantly my baby hadn’t slept well in two days. B.R. is incredibly skilled and I had full confidence in her from day 1. She had great suggestions for a schedule for the baby and started getting him into good habits very early on. She also always checked in on me and made sure I had eaten and rested enough. Having B.R. around the house full time was a joy. She was very easy going and built a great rapport with me and my parents even though they don’t speak English. Not only is she very skilled at her job (e.g., bathing the baby, feeding, etc.), what was much more important to me is that I could feel she genuinely cared for my son. She has so much affection for him and I could see it in his face that be thoroughly enjoyed her and would always be super happy when she held him. Fundamentally, I can’t underscore enough how crucial B. was to me in those few weeks. I am someone who enjoys sleeping and had big concerns on how well I will do at night. B. made it all so easy to the point of me barely feeling like my sleep was disrupted even though I was breastfeeding at night. My only regret is that I am moving out of the country otherwise I would have had B. stay with me for at least 3-4 months. I would encourage anyone considering B. to book her asap because she is too good to let go! I am hoping she still has some time for me if I have a second baby in which case I will call her literally immediately when I find out I am pregnant to make sure she is free! I am happy to speak to anyone who wants more details about B.!

Slavena, January 2023

“Two Whom It May Concern,

My wife Tilly and I consider ourselves lucky beyond words to have met BB, and to have had her as a night nurse in our NYC apartment for almost 10 weeks.  We had originally planned on 6 weeks, but extended to 8 weeks the moment we met (and were thrilled with her) on the first night, and then to a couple of more weeks as we went along.  She is exceptional in every way.  As first time parents, she taught us so much, and was so patient and lovely in doing so.  And she gave our little boy with so much love and care (he utterly adores her!) that she became part of the family pretty quickly.

As for the specific details of what we can share with someone considering a nurse, BB was always very prompt and communicative (about her schedule and everything else), exceptionally clean and responsible in the apartment (which was particularly important during the tail days of COVID-19), and always alert and attentive, in both the evenings and mornings.  She clearly has great experience and skills, and had our boy on a great sleeping schedule very quickly; and based on the training that she gave (to him and us!) he is still a great sleeper to this day.  She’s always in a great mood, always working very hard, and never takes a moment off.  And she knows so much.  Also, my wife had a C-section, and BB gave her great attention and (very wise) advice too.

We recommend her to anybody without any hesitation.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us, and you can speak to me or my wife.”

David (phone number available via baby nurse)

“I am writing on behalf of Bernadatte Rouse, who is applying for a position as your baby nurse. Let me assure you that you would be hard-pressed to find a better candidate for your child.

In the few weeks Bernadette worked with our baby girl, she truly become a part of our family. She began watching our daughter when she was just a few days old.  She worked with us every night for 4 weeks and we were comfortable with her instantly.

Bernadatte has mainly strength but her greatest is her knowledge and experience with newborn babies. She devoted her full attention to Sophia and understood what we needed from her as first time parents.   We learned so much from her in such a short time and were so grateful for the short time we had.  She taught us how to swaddle properly, soothe, bathe and teach good night time sleeping habits. Sophia loved Bernadette and was always so calm and happy with her.  I felt comfortable and safe knowing she was there to guide us through the initial turmoil of having a newborn.

I understand that the demands of a baby nurse are different from one household to the next, but I am confident that Bernadette is more than ready for any challenge. She conducts herself professionally, respects confidentiality, and is able to connect with the babies and parents.

We are so saddened to have lost Bernadette but know that she will make so many other children feel her love and warmth. She is irreplaceable! I sincerely hope that you are quick to give her a position, as her warmth, attentive care, and inviting personality will be sure to endear her to you and your children. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email if you’d like any additional information; I’d be happy to share!”

Angela, summer 2021


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