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Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering overnight services
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In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Staten Island 18 years

  • Offering overnights
  • Lives in Mt.Vernon, NY

Hi, I am Camile! I have been a baby specialist since 2006. I am also a mother of three and a former educator. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary School Education, and dedicated 14 years of my life to shaping young minds. Children overall have been my passion, especially babies as I endeared myself to them from an early age. I consider myself to be a caring nurturing mother with a friendly persona. I also possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the educational and developmental milestones for nurturing newborns or toddlers while working systematically with parents. I always acknowledge and adhere to parental preferences for their baby or toddler’s growth and development in addition to offering my advice based on my expertise in helping to foster a healthy happy baby. My job includes:

∙ Creating an ideal sleep schedule based on parent’s preference, using a unique method to teach newborns/ toddlers how to identify.

and practice the difference between daytime and nighttime and up time and downtime.

∙ Maintaining a log of daily activities, feeding schedules, sleep patterns and bowel movements.

∙ Implement and practice daily schedule to promote proper development and actively meet required milestones.

∙ Educate parents on bottle or breastfeeding and newborn essentials such as bathing, diapering, various soothing techniques, calming, massaging and stimulating baby.

∙ Assist parents in identifying various newborn body response movements that are necessary in newborn scheduling, which includes sleep clues, hunger etc.

I consider myself to be a phenomenal caregiver as I am trained, certified, and equipped with the professional skills vital in meeting the demands required to provide for young ones. It is a blessing to be charged with ensuring their wellbeing throughout the first few difficult days or weeks. My success has brought numerous tributes from families I have attended over the years.


Camile supported my family for two weeks after my son was born and was a lifesaver! Camile asked a ton of questions to understand our son’s temperament, how he slept, and how feeding was going for us. She offered a plan for how we could maximize my rest while also continuing to breastfeed. Camile was able to easily soothe and comfort the baby every night and encouraged him to eat when we introduced formula. When my son had to eat every two hours to regain some weight, she adapted easily. She offered suggestions for how to heal his diaper rash as well as how to introduce a schedule once her time with us was over. I knew that my son was in excellent hands with Camile each night. We were SO sad to see her go but appreciated all of her help those first two weeks of parenthood.
Laura, January 2024
Camile has been so so wonderful. We didn’t have overnight care when our son was born 2 years ago and, honestly speaking, I just wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it this time around. But with Camile we are so comfortable and have really enjoyed having her services. She’s great with the baby and as an unexpected bonus, she’s become my 2 year old son’s favorite person to chat with every morning. I can’t say enough good things about Camile and would definitely recommend her to any family within your network.
Hannah, March 2024



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