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Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering overnight services
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In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Staten Island 17 years

  • Offering overnights
  • Lives in Mt.Vernon, NY

Hi, I am Camile! I have been a baby specialist since 2006. I am also a mother of three and a former educator. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary School Education, and dedicated 14 years of my life to shaping young minds. Children overall have been my passion, especially babies as I endeared myself to them from an early age. I consider myself to be a caring nurturing mother with a friendly persona. I also possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the educational and developmental milestones for nurturing newborns or toddlers while working systematically with parents. I always acknowledge and adhere to parental preferences for their baby or toddler’s growth and development in addition to offering my advice based on my expertise in helping to foster a healthy happy baby. My job includes:

∙ Creating an ideal sleep schedule based on parent’s preference, using a unique method to teach newborns/ toddlers how to identify.

and practice the difference between daytime and nighttime and up time and downtime.

∙ Maintaining a log of daily activities, feeding schedules, sleep patterns and bowel movements.

∙ Implement and practice daily schedule to promote proper development and actively meet required milestones.

∙ Educate parents on bottle or breastfeeding and newborn essentials such as bathing, diapering, various soothing techniques, calming, massaging and stimulating baby.

∙ Assist parents in identifying various newborn body response movements that are necessary in newborn scheduling, which includes sleep clues, hunger etc.

I consider myself to be a phenomenal caregiver as I am trained, certified, and equipped with the professional skills vital in meeting the demands required to provide for young ones. It is a blessing to be charged with ensuring their wellbeing throughout the first few difficult days or weeks. My success has brought numerous tributes from families I have attended over the years.



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