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53 H.K.

Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering live-in services | Offering overnight services
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island 22 years

  • Offering live in and overnight services
  • Lives in Brooklyn

Professional Summary
Dedicated Professional Baby Nurse with 20 years of experience working with single and twin
babies. I am trained specifically to care for newborns and I work around the clock to help parents
get settled in, feel rested and secure. My goal is to help parents achieve one of the most
important goals, which is to build a safe, loving and nourishing environment for their babies.

 20 years of experience with professional hands on newborn care
 Experience with preemies, multiples, and special medical needs
 Extensive training in skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, and mother-baby bonding
 Infant CPR certified and updated for 2024
 Soothing Methods
 Sleep Training
 Bottle preparation / breast milk storage
 Competent in all areas of newborn care
 Excellent communication
 Experience Traveling & Valid passport (travel ready)
 Medically Cleared
 Cleared Background Check


Heather was our baby nurse for the first six months of our son, D.’s, life. And she was a Godsend. This was our first baby and I didn’t know what to expect nor did I know how to care for a newborn, so having Heather made me feel incredibly safe, because she kept him so safe, well-cared for, and all around made these first six months the best experience I could have had. Heather has a gift with babies, particularly newborns. You can see it in the way she interacts with them in such a loving, natural way. Often times I would walk into the living room and see Heather holding my baby, playing while he was laughing and squealing with delight. He truly loves her in a deep way. Heather knew all there was to know about newborns, from both a medical perspective as well as tricks of the trade she’s learned over the years. She also knew a lot about breast feeding, and helped me achieve results even when I was struggling with it, and was an expert in sleep training. She helped us get D. to sleep through the night in a matter of weeks, in a very gentle, non-cry-it-out way, which was our preference, and hers too. And her presence was so comforting to me during a stressful time of breast-feeding while recovering from birth.
She made everything as seamless and as easy as possible for me, while also helping me emotionally when I needed it most. My husband also shares this feeling of great appreciation for Heather and the loving care she gave us. She was a great teacher to both of us. She showed us what it meant to be a loving, fully-invested caregiver. While Heather is incredibly knowledgeable about babies, I think her true superpower is her attitude. She was so positive, fun and proactive, which is something you need when you’re recovering from childbirth. She just did everything automatically and with a great attitude. I remember one time we were talking about which were the best formulas and as I was reading about the overarching company of the one we had, and I said off-hand, “oh one of their brands was recalled in 2020 but it says it’s ok now.” Without asking her, Heather asked her network of baby nurses if they thought this company was safe and found alternative brands that their clients really liked and sent me the links to order them, should I want to try them. She wasn’t pushy about it, but just took that extra step of asking her network what they thought the best formula was without me having asked her to do it. She was a joy to have around and became a member of our family. We miss her to this day.

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