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** years

55 L.W.

Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering overnight services
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person Manhattan, New Jersey 14 years

  • Offering overnights and live-in up to two weeks
  • Lives in Jersey City

L. is a certified and highly skilled Newborn Care Specialist. Her extensive training and professional approach in providing holistic care to both parents and babies have resulted in her being in very high demand. L. possesses very high standards and she takes great pride in the significant role she plays in assisting clients to transition into their role as parents. Her dedication and thoroughness are evident in her loving and tireless efforts at ensuring that babies in her charge receive optimal care. Having over ten years of experience in the field, L. possesses a trove of knowledge and has assisted many parents with breastfeeding their newborn, breast milk storage, establishing a sleeping and feeding routine, recommending adequate baby products, as well as using soothing techniques to calm babies when they become fussy or suffer from gas or colic. In addition, she is competent in swaddling, feeding, and taking care of baby’s hygiene/grooming, as well as engaging in activities that aid in the development of baby’s cognitive and motor skills. L. also provides natural remedies for nipple discomfort, emotional support to new parents, recommends adequate baby products, provides umbilical and circumcision care, and teaches new parents how to bathe their newborn. She is also competent in providing new parents with information regarding their baby’s physical, emotional, and social development. L. is from Grenada, West Indies and she possesses three degrees from various universities. She is always open to new challenges, which serve to enhance her skills in providing crucial, foundational service in the field of newborn care.


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