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21 N.K.

Experienced Lactation Counselor | Offering overnight services | Postpartum Doula
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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan 12 years

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My name is N.; I have 22 years experience in newborn, infant and childcare. My goal is to offer a service that specifically meets the needs of my new mom. I aim to pass on my extensive knowledge in newborn/infant care to help equip, and provide you with all the tools and tips you need to be a confident and thriving new mom. I am of a calm and gentle demeanor, with patience to learn and a passion to help educate and support new moms. My strong organizational, listening, interpersonal and communication skills, enables me to perform confidently and efficiently at anything I do. I specialize in all the necessary and accepted practices in newborn care including but not limited to infant CPR,
Post Partum and lactation support. I am also a Certified YogaBody Breathing Coach. I have extensive training and experience with singles, twins and triplets, competent in skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, mother-baby bonding, basic sleep training and care for your precious baby. My duties include coming to your home on a daily basis during the first weeks to months of your baby’s life to assist you in caring for your most precious bundle of joy.


Hi Stephanie,

We’d like to thank you for accommodating us on such a short notice and connecting us with N.  As first time parents of twins having N’s expertise and hands-on approach helped us tremendously during the first days. I wouldn’t be able to recover and heal so fast after my C-section without her. She helped us to understand the challenges that come with newborn twins and how to best set up an efficient and feasable process.  We are very grateful for all the valuable advise she gave us around the feeding schedule and newborn care in general. Her suggested approach allows us to keep our sanity while we gain confidence in caring for our two bundles of joy. It was also fun having her around and I am sure we stay in touch. Again, thanks so much to both of you.


Petra & family, 2020

Time flies! I truly can’t believe our visits with N. ended on 11/25.  It was bittersweet for sure because she was just so wonderful.  We are really happy that we made the decision to have a post partum doula; but, we are especially happy we chose N.  Not only is she knowledgeable, she also is so intuitive and such a joy to be around.  I really appreciated knowing I could depend on reaching out to her both during our visits and via phone and text.  She was incredibly responsive; and her intuition lies beyond her profound knowledge of babies, too.  She was able to understand me and my personality almost immediately, as well as my husband’s.  So, she really seemed in tune in knowing what kind of suggestions would work for us in particular.  We appreciate so much of what she did; and, a few highlights include her help in giving us suggestions for daily routines around bath time as well as all the help she gave me with baby carriers.  It was also just a real joy chatting with her.  Three hours always flew by!  Separately, I’m also extremely impressed and grateful with your responsiveness.  I can honestly tell you that this is not always the norm with business owners.  So, I consider myself very lucky!

Courtney Adams, 11/30/2020



Dear Stephanie,

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to write a couple of lines about N.

When our previously booked friends-doula refused to get Covid-tested I was a little bit disappointed because she was the one I wanted from the beginning. But when N. came over the first time, I realized that it wasn’t so bad that our friends doula canceled after all.

N. was amazing! She helped me on so many levels. She saved me from mastitis when I came back from the hospital, gave me all the tips about the tools I needed for breastfeeding. Showed me how to handle my newborn and helped me make a sleeping plan that works even today. She is not only proficient in many fields but she is also very charismatic, funny, warm and interesting. It has been such a pleasure to have had her around. I also appreciated very much that she has taken the Covid test without hesitation because this is unfortunately the reality we live in right now.

All the best,

Marija Iva and Dana Sofia (3 months)





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