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Baby specialist/night nanny | Offering live-in services | Offering overnight services
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In Person Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Staten Island 18 years

Highlights of Qualifications:
Familiarity with feeding, bathing, dressing, diapering and circumcision care, outstanding knowledge about newborn care and breastfeeding. Ability to entertain newborns with talking singing playing music and reading, can initiate sleeping and eating routine, which is important for newborns. Can keep a log of feeding sleeping and changing times for babies. Possess impressive verbal communication skills especially with baby’s .Very good at sleep training. Children 2 and up Adept at organizing children daily schedules including meals school and recreational activities. Proficient in communicating with children at different development stages. Ability to stay calm under pressure. Perform housework related to childcare such as laundry, cleaning up after meals, tidying play area and assisting with bathing. Transporting children to and from school, after school activities and parks and playgrounds.


We are first-time parents, and Rita worked with us for two months after our son was born. We cannot recommend her enough. She arrived on the night we came home from the hospital, and the comfort of having our newborn in her capable hands allowed us to get some very much-needed rest in those early, exhausting days.

Rita has 20 years of experience with babies, and her calm, authoritative presence put everyone at ease. She taught us invaluable tricks for soothing, feeding, diapering, bathing, and caring for our son. She helped us transition him from his bassinet to his crib, and from swaddles to pajamas at 6-7 weeks. By the time she left at two months, he was down to only one nightly feeding. She also helped us with circumcision after-care, and caring for his belly button after it didn’t heal properly.

Compared to many other babies I know and read about, our son has been relatively easy — and I credit much of that to Rita. We will always be grateful for our time with her.

-Charlotte, summer 2021

If you are considering hiring Rita – just do it. Rita came to work with my family when my daughter was almost three weeks old – and I desperately wish I’d started to work with her sooner. Rita’s experience was invaluable – within just a couple of days she had our daughter on a
schedule throughout the night, helped us understand what her schedule during the day should look like, how to navigate how much to feed (we were breast and bottle feeding), and a myriad other things – and that was just the first week! Rita was also able to establish a bedtime routine that even at just a few weeks old I can tell my daughter loves. Rita’s experience is also mixed with flexibility and a willingness to work with families with a variety of preferences. As new parents we definitely wanted someone who could guide us but also work with us on certain preferences we had. She was also able to sleep train our daughter (a notoriously bad sleeper) with minimal crying. Our daughter genuinely loves being put down in her crib for naps now. I also completely trust Rita in our home (a small NY apartment) while we’re there or not. She is adept at working around families in a small space, and understands the importance of health and safety – a huge relief during the pandemic! Rita’s care for our daughter is extremely obvious – she always looks at peace, happy, comfortable, and content when Rita is holding her. Rita is an absolute pro and I’ll definitely be hiring her again if we have another baby! She’s been with us for 11 weeks and I wish she could stay with us forever! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or for a reference.

Alyson, November 2021

We are writing this letter of endorsement in support of Rita. We have known Rita for approximately five month and since that time, she has been our baby girl’s baby nurse. We’ve seen her take meticulous care of her since the moment she came home from the hospital. Rita has proven to be extremely attentive, conscientious, reliable, calming and has very impressive experience. Rita traveled with us to Malibu, where our baby was born, and stayed there for a month with us before we were ready to travel back to New York. Additionally, she quarantined with us from June 17th until our baby was born on July 6th. Not only is she flexible and capable of travelling with the family, but she truly started a routine with our baby since day 1.
She helps with sleep training, feeding, bathing, singing, and generally helping guide us with all of our daughters needs. She has made our lives infinitely easier, and most importantly, she takes such thoughtful care of our baby girl. We give Rita a strong recommendation for any nanny or baby nurse positions. Please feel free to reach out should you have any additional questions.
Lyor, November 2020

Rita Adhari has been my baby nurse for the past four months to my son, Jack. She has done an incredible job and has sleep-trained our son in a matter of weeks. Now he is sleeping from 7pm till 6am. Eleven straight hours! Truly remarkable for, at the time, a 4 month old.
Rita is also very busy throughout the day, which I love. And our baby too. He loves to be outside or go to Sing-a-long at the public library or spend time in the playroom with other kids in my building. We also take our son to Aquabebe together for swim class. Please reach out to me directly via email if you have any further questions. Happy to speak more about Rita and all the great things she does for my son.

Nicholas, February 2020





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