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#23 T.G.

Infant sleep consultant | Lactation Counselor (1 week training) | Postpartum Doula
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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan 12 years

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As a mom of a 9 year old, T’s personal experience during her perinatal period ignited a passion for helping others during pregnancy and postpartum. T. completed her postpartum doula certification with DONA ITL and later received her certification as a Breastfeeding Counselor to provide one-on-one care and education to new parents during the 4th trimester, supporting each family’s choices without judgement. She also is a pediatric sleep consultant, helping families to gently ease their babies to sleep longer hours as appropriate for their age and development. T. shares important tips and steps to implement good sleep hygiene from day one. She is also a pre and postnatal yoga instructor and offers postnatal yoga to her clients to help them connect to their breath, strengthen their physical bodies, and heal from labor. As a Perinatal Support Group Facilitator, T. connects birthing people so that they form community, helping them to support each other and form friendships as well as normalizing the challenges of the perinatal period. In addition, she teaches planning for postpartum workshops, educating on what to expect and opening a dialogue to help parents create their unique postpartum plan. T’s support enriches her clients’ lives; offering tools for better physical and mental health and self-awareness while facilitating confidence as parents, during this profoundly transitional time.


T. was excellent and supportive in consulting with us when we were feeling desperate on too little sleep with our nine week old baby. While it wasn’t yet appropriate, developmentally, to begin a sleep training program with our baby, T. was instrumental in helping us set up a positive bedtime routine for our family. T. was friendly, understanding, accessible, and wonderful to work with. She provided a comprehensive sleep plan based on our family’s individualized needs. Within days of implementing her plan, our baby went from sleeping 2-3 hour stretches a night to 8-9 hours! Our family is so grateful to be sleeping better. T. provided the plan, support, and reassurance we needed to be successful.

Lisa Barzotto

If you’re pregnant or a new mom in Brooklyn, you need to know T.! I initially met T. through her prenatal yoga classes through a yoga center where she is teaching. T. is a pregnancy and postpartum guru, and my husband and I worked with her to help our new son develop good sleep habits. When we first started working with her, our son was around 11 weeks and waking up every 2-3 hours at night. Plus, naps were taking 30 mins with lots of rocking and resistance. T. developed a sleep plan for us and gave us the courage and confidence to change some of our habits that were reinforcing bad behaviors. We initiated some gentle methods that she wrote out and explained to us, and examined his timeline together, and within a week our son was sleeping 8+ hours straight at night! It has now been several weeks and he’s still
sleeping well. T. was encouraging, checked in throughout the process, answered our questions, and has an intuitive sense about babies. She is just the ticket to help any new parent survive these early trying months.

Jenna Moss

T. was very helpful to us in the early newborn days. She was with us on our first day home from the hospital and helped me with breastfeeding questions and C section recovery guidance. She cooked us several healthy and delicious meals including doing the grocery shopping. In later visits, T. was very helpful to us staying home with our newborn as we got out of the apartment for some much needed parents only time. T. also folded laundry for us and was always finding small and big ways to help out. We felt very comfortable discussing a wide range of topics with T. including advice on our active toddler. We are very grateful to T. for making the early days so
pleasant and less stressful.

Amanda Ingram

I first met T. when I attended her prenatal yoga classes. I then joined her pregnancy support group. Both the prenatal yoga and pregnancy support group were very helpful while I was pregnant. My husband and I also hired T. as a postpartum doula after we gave birth to our son in January. She was very helpful and kind! It was great to have the assistance of someone so knowledgeable. I definitely recommend T. for anyone interested in her services!

Rachel Gottlieb
March 2022

T. is an excellent postpartum doula who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I first got to know T. during a pregnancy support group she runs and knew she’d be great match for my family. Knowledgable, warm, supportive and a great cook, she’s a brilliant person to have around during the crazy early days of new motherhood. It was also lovely to be able to do some gentle yoga with T. and know I was in expert hands.

Rosie Hopegood

I am so glad that I hired T. in fall 2021, she was a great postpartum Doula for our family’s needs. She was immediately at ease in our home and made me feel confident that she could support us, regardless of what the request or need was. She was happy to jump in to do anything including newborn care, coaching me, or household chores. She gave us good referrals as needed and helped troubleshoot issues that we were running up against, too. I mainly needed reassurance on how we were parenting our newborn as I hired her almost 3 months postpartum, and she was great with both the emotional and logistical support that we asked for! I would recommend hiring T. and wish I had sooner.

Adrienne, January 2022

T. was our post partum doula when we had our daughter in May 2021. We loved having her support, especially after we had a complicated birth and our baby had a broken arm. She was able to connect us immediately with a great IBCLC when the injury was presenting complex nursing issues when we came back from the hospital. She was a kind and calm and caring presence and helped us with cooking and giving us advice on some basic baby caring (like nail filing and diaper changing). She was also helpful guiding me through some stretches to help with post partum back pain. Loved her!

Paloma, May 2021

T. came to me and my family at a time when we were tapped out and struggling with feeding issues with our newborn daughter. T. was always punctual, supportive and so helpful with both the baby and the household things that needed to get done (dishes, cooking for us, lots of laundry from our happy spitter baby!). I would recommend her to anyone who needs additional support during this difficult time!
Jeannie, 11/18/2021
T. was absolutely wonderful to have as our postpartum doula and I can’t say enough good things about her. My husband and I are extremely grateful that T. was there to help us out emotionally, physically, and mentally when we arrived home from the hospital with our first baby. We were both pretty exhausted and naturally nervous about taking care of a newborn, especially during Covid times. T. became our essential support system in every way. She was extremely helpful with getting breastfeeding started successfully, making sure I got enough rest and time for self-care, and answering a multitude of questions about taking care of baby. She even baked me some delicious oat bars that have become my go-to late night snack! I highly recommend hiring T. to any moms looking for a down-to-earth, knowledgeable, kind, and caring postpartum doula.
Rochelle, 4/15/2021

“I cannot recommend T. enough! At our first appointment together, I opened the door crying and overwhelmed. On our last day together, I felt much more comfortable taking care of my son (and myself).

T. is kind, caring and empathetic. She also has a great sense of humor and rolls with the punches. She was respectful of the choices we made for our family but incredibly knowledgeable in the areas where we had questions and needed additional guidance. All of her advice and guidance were informed by science which we really appreciated.

She helped us with breastfeeding, supplementing and general newborn care as well as laundry + dishes (things that quickly build up with a newborn!).

She helped me gain confidence as a first time mom and ensured that I was looked after in my postpartum period.

T. was the best partner we could have asked for as we transitioned to our journey as a family of three.”

Kristen, summer 2021

“I am so grateful to have had T. as my postpartum doula. In fact, seventeen
months later – I still miss her!
I was recovering from a c-section with high blood pressure, plus lactation trouble with my
baby not latching, plus being slightly older than your average new mom with no family
nearby, and shadowed by a history of pregnancy loss and fertility issues – it was a cocktail
for high anxiety. But T. steered me through the troubled waters – she is compassionate,
knowledgeable, and very down to earth. T. has a bright, encouraging, calming
disposition. And although she has a light touch, she makes sure you comprehend a wide
range of necessary information.
She is loving and skillful handling babies. Having T. as a doula gave me the confidence
to do the same. This was so important – I was able to deeply enjoy being a new mom and
not be a total mess! I was able to learn from T. without feeling judged.
T. is also considerate of the family as a whole. Her perspective on babies integrates the
entire family situation. This takes a very special sensitivity and intelligence that T.
I also appreciated T.’s ability to help me organize information – from basic recovery and
pain management instructions to an onslaught of lactation schooling. She was also there
as a sounding board for overall child rearing questions and I’m thankful she was there one
particular morning when my insurance almost fell through!! And extra bonus – she is a
yoga teacher and guided me back into my practice with some gentle yoga.
I highly recommend T. for her personal experience, her thorough training, her warm
humor, her marvelous ability to nurture and guide. I honestly don’t know how I would have
found my footing without her. And foremost – my baby adored her!”

– Susan

“T. was our postpartum doula after the birth of our son. He is our first
child, so I was really anxious about what the first few weeks home would be like–both
physically and emotionally. T. was a calming, nurturing presence, offering great advice
without ever pushing any particular parenting style. We were a little nervous about having a
stranger in our home during this unique time in our lives, but T. didn’t feel like a stranger.
She’d show up with tea and help with whatever we needed, from doing dishes, to showing
me how to use the impossibly tricky wrap carrier, to bathing and cutting his teeny tiny
nails. She felt like a friend, one who helped me feel confident that I was doing a good job
at parenting in spite of the fact that it was all so new, strange, and scary. This was exactly
what I needed, especially after my husband went back to work. I’d highly recommend T.
to anyone who wants a friendly, supportive presence during this crazy, wonderful, often
overwhelming time of life.”

– Lauren

“This past fall T., postpartum doula and certified breast feeding counselor,
made our lives infinitely more easy. I knew T. because she taught a favorite class at
Bend and Bloom Yoga. I looked forward to her class. She had a grounding presence with
light hearted humor, and led a relieving and calming routine. Our initial consultation meeting
with her was the most holistic, real and ideal prenatal meeting I had over the course of my
entire pregnancy. After hiring her she continued to impress me and I was eternally grateful
for that decision. Her companionship brought me and my baby joy. Her knowledge and
intuition soothed and relieved my motherly anxieties and uncertainties. T. guided me in
the many challenges and beauties of breastfeeding all the while fostering mindfulness
about my personal health. She even cared for the baby while guiding me in meditation and
a gentle postpartum yoga practice! T. inspired self confidence, helping my husband
build his own independent skills and intuition as a father. She left me a stronger, well
informed and flexible mother. For all these reasons and more, I strongly recommend T. as postpartum doula and certified breast feeding counselor for your family.”

-Marilee, 1st time Mother in South Slope, BK

“From the time I first met her, I feel that an aura of calm always accompanied T.
whenever she set foot in our home. Underneath this sense of composure is a solid core of
knowledge and years of expertise, which T. imparted to us during her fruitful visits. She
was always able to answer any questions we had and ready to provide us with any advice
she could, but her most valuable gift to us was confidence. She helped us discover that
while we, just like anyone else, need some guidance in the great adventure of parenthood,
so much of what we need to care for our baby is already within us. I highly recommend
T. as a doula.”

-Pete, husband and father in South Slope, BK

“Today is the first Wednesday without your visit and I really feel it! Thank you for making this
beautiful and challenging time more complete and lighter. You helped me really enjoy my
time with my baby and gave me strength to face the difficulties and joys of being a mother.
Your warmth, compassion and wisdom made such a difference! My baby and I were lucky
to have you here and he really misses his napping buddy.

– Daniela


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