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Birth Doula | Lactation Counselor (1 week training)
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In Person, Virtual Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Staten Island 2 years

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C. is a birth wisdom keeper that shows up for her community as a womb priestess, reiki master teacher, labor and birth doula, functional nutritionist specializing in women’s prenatal and postpartum health, placenta encapsulation specialist, childbirth educator, and Dance of Liberation facilitator. She wholly trusts a person’s ability to heal and has worked with women worldwide to do so for over 20 years. Families come to C. from conception through postpartum for support that weaves holistic, soul centered care with evidence based guidance. She is inspired by the belief that we are birthing the next generation for this planet and that providing excellent care for a family to be truly nourished and supported creates a peaceful, loving environment for a baby to be born into.

After a career as a modern dancer C. went on to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During her 3 years living in India she studied Ayurveda, became trained as a reiki master, a hatha yoga teacher, and discovered her love of Vipassana meditation. Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand have been mentors for her with their profound work of Womb Awakening and Biomancy. C. trained as a birth doula with Orgasmic Birth founder, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Bumi Sehat midwife Ibu Robin Lim, Dr. Sarah Buckely, traditional midwife Alejandra Lozano, and IBCLC LaShanda Dandrich. She has been privileged to sit with medicine carriers of various Native and Indigenous tribal traditions and calls upon her maternal Taino lineage of midwives for guidance.

C. lives in Manhattan’s East Village with her husband, tween home-birthed son, and their kitty cat, Peanut. When not working you find her volunteering in the school district, dancing 5 Rhythms or ecstatic dance, visiting with family, or just taking a walk to the local farmer’s market. The stories of her great-grandmothers bringing in “all the babies on the mountain in Puerto Rico” continue to inspire and normalize the beauty, sacredness, and depth of her responsibility to this calling.


C. was just fantastic.

She was warm and caring and appropriately responsive from first meeting to even now, when we exchange check-in text messages.
From sharing important info about the induction process (and emphasizing my agency within the process), to supporting my husband and all of the important people outside of the delivery room, she was exactly what we needed and more. I can’t say enough about how amazing my/our experience was with C. and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.
Shaleah, March 2024
We cannot speak highly enough of our phenomenal doula. She is truly an amazing, special, caring, and wonderful person. From the moment we met her, her kind and empathetic energy made us feel at ease and supported.
Throughout our pregnancy, C. was there for us every step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable, as she guided us through the process and helped us make critical and important decisions. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly and calmly, and ensured we felt confident in our choices.
During pre-labor, C. was an absolute lifesaver. She helped me through extremely painful and long contractions at home and had many wonderful magic tricks to ease the pain. From essential oils to TENS machines and supporting bands, she had it all covered. But what really stood out to me was her calm and reassuring presence. Even in the midst of what felt like chaos, her demeanor gave me the right feeling and comfort to continue with the birthing process and cope with the pain in a positive way. Besides that C. was not only an invaluable source of support, but she also coached my partner to help me through the pain.
During birth C. helped to navigate and advocate for us. During some of the challenging and unexpected conditions at the hospital she guided us through with positivity and strength. Altogether her presence made the experience truly magical and wonderful, a day we will never forget. It felt like we didn’t just have a doula in C., but also a lifelong friend.
Even after the birth, C. continued to be an incredible support for us. She made wonderful postpartum visits, checking in on us and the baby, making sure we were okay and knew what to do. Her expertise in newborn care and breastfeeding was invaluable as she provided guidance and answered all of our questions.
I highly recommend C. as a doula. Her knowledge, kindness, and dedication to her clients are unparalleled. She made our journey into parenthood a positive and empowering one, and we are forever grateful for her support. We truly cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for our family.
Thank you so much,
Ursula & Farzam, summer 2023
C. was absolutely amazing – I think if we didn’t have her in the room with us, the outcome of the delivery would have been very different (I ended up delivering naturally after a long and bumpy induction, but came close to having a c-section). Her presence, technique and energy made all the difference for me and my husband and the little one. She took care of me and was super polite and respectful with the hospital staff. She brought the same energy to the post partum visit that we had – and prepared a steam for me, which was a game changer. I would love to work with her again when/if we have baby number 2.
Vicky, April 2024


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