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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens 4 years

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Hello Birthing families, I am a certified labor and postpartum doula trained through Labor and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA). I am new to NYC coming from a collective of birth workers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have had the honor of offering labor and postpartum services for the last two years.

Prior to my dedication to birth work, I worked as a private nanny for many families. I obtained a degree in early childhood, as my passion was working with children in preschool settings pre pandemic. My Love for children, babies, and families is forever blooming! I believe in furthering my education as a professional and extending my skills and offerings to my clients. Currently I am training to become a certified lactation consultant (CLC.) Other offerings and services I provide for clients include postpartum care – trained through Sacred Postpartum and overnight care. Babywearing consultations,Beng Kung belly binding, Closing of the Bones Ceremonies, Placenta Ceremonies, and the use of aromatherapy. My intentions are to provide families with continuous support from early pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and early childhood. I admire long lasting professional relationships with my clients. I have supported a wide variety of births from unmedicated hospital births, those who wish for an epidural, birth center births and twins.

As your Doula, I am here to honor your birth as you see it. It is your experience and journey. I intend to provide you with information you need to make confident decisions for you, your family and little one. I believe that every birthing family is unique and deserve non-judgmental, compassionate, and individualized care and support prenatally, during labor, and through your postpartum window. I will provide you with physical and emotional support with an emphasize on honoring your body, mind, and spirit. I am looking forward to connecting and supporting you! Thank you.


“I met A. pretty late in my pregnancy. During our first conversation I could tell she really cared for my husband and me. She immediately helped us with decisions and told us how she would be us during labor. My husband really liked her from the get-go although he doesn’t open up to people right away. During labor she was A1. We met at the birth center when my labor started. However, I was not dilated enough yet. Our midwife told us all to go home and A. stayed in touch with us during the day. In the middle of the night contractions progressed. A. came within 15 minutes. She kept us grounded and encouraged me. My blood pressure went up and my water had broken so I had to go to the hospital without my midwife but A. stayed by my side the whole time which made all the difference in the world. A. massaged me and held my hand during the difficult pushing phase. I could not have done it without her!”


A. is amazing! I had never used a doula before but really thought I could benefit with my third baby as I was so tired and couldn’t give the pregnancy as much attention than the others. A. was so responsive and had really great ideas on topics that now were much more relevant with having several kids. She provided me with everything from cool binder with the birthing plan and handouts plus got the hospital bag ready with me- things I didn’t find the time to do. I was in a really good mindset the last few weeks of pregnancy. Once I was in labor, she brought essential oils and used pain relief techniques with a scarf which were great. I didn’t need a any pain meds due to all the attention and care I received.

After birth we did a bone-binding ceremony and a mini photo shoot with my baby. Lots of wonderful surprises with A.’s services- I can’t recommend her enough!


“Arianna was an amazing doula. She supported me and cared for me in my most needing time. She’s dedicated, soft, calm, and organized. She shifted my energy, empowered me to be strong, and praised me as each wave passed. She truly helped my husband, and I welcome our sweet boy in such a great manner. I thoroughly enjoyed Ari being by my side.”

November 2023



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