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11 Alice M.

Birth Doula | Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) | Lactation Counselor (1 week training) | Midwifery experience
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In Person, Virtual Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens 19 years

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As a Registered Midwife in the UK I have cared for women throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period since 2005. I always felt lucky to be part of such a profound phase in a woman’s life and supporting women and their families during this time was an incredible honor.

I feel increasingly that in countries where pregnancy and birth has become primarily doctor led and interventionist, women can feel they need to fight to make informed choices about their body (and their baby). As a Doula, I am very excited that I can concentrate solely on empowering women and their partners to find the right information to make these decisions in order to feel in control.

My role is to help you and your partner stay relaxed and focused, ensuring you feel empowered and free to concentrate on birthing your baby. My number one goal is for my clients to feel that their baby’s birth was their victory. I believe the way to achieve that is for her to feel calm, confident, and completely in charge of the decision making process. If all women could feel proud of their birth story and strong and powerful as a result, their mental health and enjoyment of parenthood would benefit significantly. I am committed to helping my clients to achieve this.

I have cared for women birthing their babies at home, in birth centers and in hospital settings. I have looked after women birthing breech babies and twins naturally as well as those choosing to birth their babies naturally following a previous Caesarean section (VBAC). I have cared for women undergoing both planned and unplanned Caesarean section as well as supporting LGBTQ+ women, single mothers and those with little or no support. Using measures such as Rebozo, massage and pressure point techniques as well as supporting hypnobirthing, homeopathy and aromatherapy, I will help you to feel calm, present and free to follow your body’s natural birthing instinct.

I am down to earth, calm, compassionate and loving with a good sense of fun. I love adventure and spontaneity and thrive off a challenge. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and two daughters aged 5 and 2. I am having a wonderful time exploring New York having moved here from London in May 2017.

Since then I have been working in partnership with my amazing doula-partner Stephanie who is a midwife from Germany and founder of NY Baby. Her bio can be found here.


“Alice was AMAZING and I can’t share enough positive feedback.  We feel so lucky to have had her helping us.

My labor ended up being an induction due to chlostasis which was scary, nerve-wracking and clearly not my plan for a natural birth. Alice helped guide us through it all and made us both feel better. Ultimately I had a vaginal delivery, avoiding a C section like I wanted and our little guy is safe and sound 🙂 The best possible outcome! She was also incredibly helpful to my husband and we can’t imagine having done this without her! ”

Leslie, 2020

Genuinely wish there were more stars to give. Together Stephanie and Alice were an invaluable resource for the birth of our son. They got to know our family’s needs in an authentic, thoughtful manner while respecting boundaries. They intuited the physical, cultural and emotional concerns we had around the birth and postpartum period and addressed these points professionally and directly. During the actual birth, Stephanie provided more than moral and emotional support- she kept me abreast of the baby’s status and worked collaboratively with nurses and doctors to ensure the atmosphere was calm and conducive to my envisioned birth experience. Following birth, Stephanie paired me with a postpartum doula who has provided us a crash course in baby care and taken exceptional care of our son while we heal and adjust to our new life. I strongly recommend The New York Doula/Baby services for families seeking high quality and highly personalized birth and postpartum doula services.

Elise, October 2021

Stephanie and Alice were amazing partners on our journey to meet our son. They provided so much love and care through my pregnancy answering all my questions (I had a lot) and helping to make things as comfortable as possible! I found myself not feeling nervous about giving birth because I knew I had them to be there with us every step of the way! Alice attended the birth and her calm, soothing demeanor made it such an incredible process. Alice and Stephanie worked to understand my needs prior to the big day so that whatever I needed they could provide! I think if I had needed more of a drill sergeant, Alice would have been able to give me that – but she really got to know me and knew I needed gentle encouragement and a cheerleader! I credit Alice with my incredibly quick labor – with her support and guidance, our little fella had such a beautiful entry into the world! We asked Alice to capture the experience with some pictures and she took absolutely stunning pictures of our new family!

Not only we’re Alice and Stephanie there for before our little guy was born but answered the many questions I had after as well and followed up with a visit to check in with us and answer any additional questions.

At first, I wasn’t sure we needed a doula but after getting to know Alice and Stephanie, I’m not quite sure how we would have done it without them!! I recommend this wonderful team to anyone looking to make the birthing process a wonderful experience!

Jessica, September 2021

For me as a first time mom, being 6000km away from home and not being able to get help from any family members because of the world wide pandemic, Stephanie and Alice were a real gift. They are very experienced doulas with an incredible knowledge. They answered every question I had quickly and their advice has been incredibly valuable. I felt so comfortable having them at my side before, during and after giving birth – so was my husband. The advices they gave us, the emotional support they provided and the love they offer is simply mind-blowing. As a first time mom I was scared of going into labor but both of them managed to calm me down and to make me think nothing but positive about the upcoming birth experience. Having a doula like Stephanie or Alice accompanying you through delivery is priceless.
It is probably common for first time parents to underestimate the time after giving birth. We had tons of questions and Stephanie and Alice responded right away and very helpful! We would choose them every time and absolutely recommend both of them.

Katharina, spring 2021

More testimonials about Alice and her doula-partner Stephanie can be found here on Google.




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