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12 B.R.1

Birth Doula | Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) | Lactation Counselor (1 week training) | Postpartum Doula
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In Person, Virtual Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens 11 years

B. has served as a labor and postpartum doula for  years, after a 10-year career as an early childhood development specialist and educator. Over the years, B. developed a strong reverence and understanding of the importance of pregnancy, childbirth and the early postpartum period and the impact it has on future learning and success. With a sincere passion for helping babies come into the world as gently and easily as possible, B. is committed to being an advocate, guide and support for parents throughout the stages of parenthood.

B. has a Masters Degree from Bank Street College of Education in Infancy and Family Development/Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Spanish and French from the University of Maryland College Park. She completed her labor and postpartum doula training with Ancient Doula Songs and is also a certified HypnoBirthing® teacher, and Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga teacher.

B. is so grateful to serve women and their partners in this capacity, helping to welcome their babies safely and joyfully into the world! It is her core belief that all women deserve to have satisfying and empowering birth experiences and all babies deserve to be born gently and with love. In pregnancy, B. supports you in preparing for childbirth to achieve your unique pregnancy goals and birth vision. In labor, she will help you and your partner stay calm and relaxed throughout, using pain relieving techniques such as varying positions, massage, breath work, visualization, the Rebozo technique, acupressure, aromatherapy, HypnoBirthing® and good old fashion emotional support. B. also assists you in advocating for your birth preferences and making informed decisions that work for you and your care provider.

During the postpartum period, B. will ease the transition of bringing home a newborn with positive guidance and reassurance using evidenced based infant care. She is grateful to help with newborn soothing, sleep, breastfeeding and creating healthy routines. B. also nurtures new moms and assists in both emotional and physical recovery. She enjoys preparing nutritious postpartum meals, caring for your baby while you sleep and sharing holistic healing practices such as belly and waist binding, healing baths, perineum support, placenta encapsulation and pelvic realignment techniques. She can also offer a clinical home visit for a lactation consultation.


“I couldn’t say enough positive stuff about B. She was amazing as my postpartum doula. She was like a really knowledgeable friend that I trusted completely with my recovery and my little kid. I had a pretty seamless delivery and yet she still anticipated even little things that I needed or good for me to know. When my husband went back to work he would tell anyone who would    listen about how important a doula is to postpartum. I couldn’t agree more.

Danielle, 2019

“I will keep this brief but I cannot say how incredible B. was to work with through our birth. I had a lengthy prodromal labor that went on for 36 hours or so at home, and once I arrived at the hospital I was ready to give up, but once B. joined us she completely changed everything and got me through to the finish line with the unmedicated birth I always wanted. She went above and beyond what I even expected a doula to do – she literally used her whole body to make me comfortable through each contraction (this went on for about 8 hours). She was incredibly knowledgeable throughout the entire labor and gave us extremely helpful advice throughout the process. I would recommend her 1000%.

Kaitlin, 2021

“My husband and I were first timers with everything: first time being pregnant, first time learning about labor and delivery and the first in our families to be pregnant. We were newbies thirsty for information. B. was phenomenal – she was a resource, a teacher, a therapist and most of all, a supporting coach and friend throughout our whole experience. In addition to being our doula, she also taught us Hypnobirthing and helped us have the labor and delivery experience we dreamed of having (even better actually!) With her guidance, she and my husband were able to coach me through a drug free labor that was beautiful. I know that sounds strange, and “come on… beautiful?”, but it was. With B’s help we were able to reframe the way we thought about birth, eliminate the fear and enhance our sense of personal strength and capability. I’ve never felt more empowered or prepared for anything in my life. We can’t thank B. enough for helping us bring our little guy into the world! ”

Kaylee, April 2021

“We loved working with B., she is extremely knowledgeable and provided us with great information throughout the process. We especially appreciated the pre and post delivery consultations and the fact that she was always available for questions via text/email/phone. During labor and delivery B’s calm demeanor was a godsend for both my husband and I. Her recommendations for massage techniques, labor positions and use of aromatherapy were a huge help with keeping us on track with our birth plan. She also provided my husband with techniques to help me through my surges which allowed him to be very involved and made the experience more special for us both. We also used B’s placenta services and are very happy with the products. I feel like the capsules have helped me manage postpartum hormone changes and the balm was really helpful for nipple irritation. She also provided us with placenta prints and a heart keepsake out of the umbilical cord which is a sweet touch. I would (and have!) highly recommend B.!” – Jenise

“I can not say enough good things about our special Doula B. I wanted the perfect non medicated birth but ended up having an early C section during a prenatal procedure. B. was there for us right away- helping my new family emotionally and physically! Our post-partum hours were priceless, B. helped us with our latch in the hospital and we have been successfully exclusively breast feeding for two months. She cooked delicious healthy meals so I could stay off my feet and recover while being super well nourished. I can’t wait for my next pregnancy and special time with our doula!” – Lauren



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