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** years

40 E.E.

Birth Doula | Lactation Counselor (1 week training) | Postpartum Doula
Service type Service area Experience Availability
In Person, Virtual Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens 2 years

I am a Canadian transplant & iced coffee fanatic who loves the human spirit. I moved to NYC in 2010 to pursue my passion for performing. What NYC gave me was so much more than I had ever allowed myself to dream of! It gave me love, passion, and challenged me beyond anything I had experienced thus far. The city broke me down and built me back up stronger than ever, and shifted my focus.

I softened my gaze on my goals, I opened myself up to more possibilities. I realized my life did not have to be this OR that; it could be this AND that…and that and that. How liberating!

My deep love for understanding people was born from empathizing with different roles, characters and situations of the human condition; Where are they coming from? going to? and how can I stay in the moment and bring these aspects of humanity together?

And now, in birth support, how can I support people to keep them grounded, informed, and in the moment?

Since becoming a birth worker I have had the honor to support families that represent all family structures in the New York area through pregnancy, labor & delivery, and into postpartum.




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